Maker Faire Shows Off Michigan’s Talent DIY Style

CraftsEver made something really cool all by yourself and been so proud you wanted to show it off? Or do you just have an appreciation for DIYers who aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty? If so, then the Maker Faire is for you!

The Henry Ford is hosting the second annual Maker Faire July 30th and 31st for all enthusiasts of arts, crafts, science and engineering. Participants will be displaying their self-made projects for all to see in a family friendly environment, and there may even be some opportunities for audience participation.

Just a few examples of projects you can expect are:

  • Robotics
  • Rockets and RC toys
  • Green Technology
  • Food and Beverage Makers
  • Unusual Machines and Tools
  • Puppets, kites, bicycles and more

Some exhibits will allow attendees to build, paint, craft and enjoy the DIY projects that the “makers” are exhibiting, like this favorite from last year’s event. You can check out some of the highlights of the faire in this handy booklet. For ticket and pricing information, visit the Maker Faire website.

Maybe you’ll pick up some new ideas for yourself! What are some of your favorite DIY projects? Are there any good websites for finding project ideas?

Photo credit: bookgrl



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