The Baby Bump: Be Sensitive About What You Say to a Pregnant Woman

So here I am — 7 ½ months pregnant and excited to meet the new addition to our family. I must say that throughout this pregnancy journey, I have been a little more emotional and sensitive than I normally am. Normal, right?

Plus, I have always been very conscious of my weight in my adult life, trying to be fit and healthy — so when the extra pounds creep up from being pregnant, I look the other way and embrace the change because I know this is meant to be.

You Said What?

I think it is common for women who have more than one baby to show sooner than they did during their first pregnancy. This was definitely the case for me as I started showing early in my second trimester. Although I may appear larger than what people expect, I have to say that my baby is healthy and so am I, with normal blood pressure readings, blood sugar and all the other things they check at each doctor visit. To me, that is more important than how I look.

Below are some actual questions and comments I have gotten during this pregnancy. If you’ve ever been pregnant, they probably sound familiar:

  1. Is there more than one baby in there? Um, no, but thanks for asking.
  2. You look like you are going to pop any day now! That’s just great because I still have three months to go! Making these types of comments can make a pregnant woman feel even more self conscious about her weight than she already does.
  3. You look tired. Really? I am currently growing a human baby. Along with a lot of pregnant women, I am also working full time, am a wife and am co-raising my 3½-year-old daughter. So yeah, I guess I am a little tired!
  4. Are you pregnant? I have had people ask me this when it was blatantly obvious that I was pregnant (like two weeks ago). Advice here: if you aren’t sure, then don’t ask!
  5. How much weight have you gained? The only people who should be asking this are the medical professionals caring for you and your unborn baby!

We start out looking different, weighing different amounts and having different body types, so why would we all look the same pregnant?

Weighing In

I have tried to stay active throughout this pregnancy and believe me, it hasn’t been easy. Here are some trimester-specific exercises you can do:

Remember to always check with you doctor before starting or continuing exercise during any stage of pregnancy.

What crazy comments did you hear when you were pregnant?

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    1. MommyLoves and Mary:
      You poor thing!!! How uncomfortable were you during that pregnancy!!! Thanks for the support, good to know I am not the only preganant one people make comments to 🙂 Hope all is well mommy!!!

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