#WellnessWeds: McDonald’s to Serve Healthier Happy Meals this September

McDonald’s announced on Tuesday, June 26 that their Happy Meals will soon take a new, healthy turn.

Reuters reports that the new Happy Meals will be under 600 calories, or about 20% fewer calories than the usual Happy Meals. And, the new kid-friendly meals will indefinitely include apple slices –  and maybe even a vegetable. Also, the quantity of fries will be cut in half.

The question is: are people willing to making healthy choices when ordering a meal at McDonald’s?

McDonald’s has offered fruit and healthy options for some time now –  and with that – it was reported that only 11 percent of customers have been choosing apples over fries. So, the fast-food restaurant can do their part to make the menu healthier, but it is clear that it is each person’s responsibility to make the healthiest choices for themselves and their families.

“We’ve been in the nutrition game for over 30 years in providing nutrition information to our customers, ” Cindy Goody, McDonald’s senior director of nutrition says. “Now what we’re doing is we’re adding more food groups and … creating nutritional awareness.”

It is reported that the fast-food chain has experienced pressures from many external parties to make their Happy Meals healthier and join the fight against childhood obesity, and the majority of the pressures are coming from parents, consumer groups, and lawmakers.

Will the new Happy Meals change the current childhood obesity epidemic? Share your thoughts with us here, and check out this video:

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