“Will you still need me, when I’m 64?”

The Beatles posed that question in 1967, when I was turning 21. Now that I am 64, the question is what will we need when we’re 64 and beyond?

We may still want to work. Or we may be moving toward retirement.  But, if the question is Will I still need to exercise daily? … the answer is a resounding Yes!

According to the National Institutes for Health, staying physically active and exercising regularly provides health benefits at any age.  And, it’s not too late to start if you’re already in your 40s, 50s, 60s or beyond.

Each decade can be your milestone to reassess your focus on fitness and introduce something new. As long as your doctor agrees you’re up to the challenge, push yourself up to a new level of activity. Add something new. Try something different.  Maybe you’ll plan to hike the Himalayas before you turn 50 or take up kayaking by your 60th birthday. Or maybe you’ll just increase the amount of time you already spend doing yoga.

Whatever activity you choose, exercise will help keep you feeling younger and will help to prevent or lessen the conditions that result from sedentary aging.

I’d love to hear what you’re doing now to stay fit. And, what will you add for your next decade?

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  1. If you are/have been active, don’t stop now; just adjust to what your body tells you (ie. maybe take up tennis rather than YMCA basketball now, fast walks rather than runs, etc.)  If you have not been active, benefits can still be accrued, but not if you do not begin–any age, any regular activity.  You’ll be amazed how you begin to look forward to (whatever you choose) every week, every day.  Many groups are available for seniors (50+) who would like the goal of competing.  The senior olympics, for example, are in all 50 states every year in 18+ sports and over 60 events.  Biannually, the top 2 or 3 in the state games qualify for the National Senior Games.  IT IS NOT AS HARD AS YOU WOULD THINK TO DO WELL IN ONES STATE, believe me, I know.  But the point really is, try.  Get out there.  Then compete.  States, counties, cities, clubs—more and more have senior athletics of some sort.  Having the goal of maybe first, just competing… then maybe getting in the top 5, or 3… then… well, then your health will be improved, your outlook will be positive… Self value is a huge part of growing older gracefully!  I’m 69, I’ve competed at the state games here in Michigan for 8 years and qualified for nationals each time–that’s 4 nationals.  And this year, darned if my partner and I didn’t make the national finals, winding up with a silver medal from 36 states in our age group.  However, I am going to live longer, because I have enjoyed an active 50+ lifestyle:  hiking, biking, walking, fly fishing, tennis.  I only spend 30 minutes a day at home stretching and using stretch cords, so the boredom factor is not relevant.  Just go do, enjoy!

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