Keepin’ It Cool: 5 Tips to Stave Off the Heat at Summer Festivals

FairThe Ann Arbor Art Fair opens its four-day run today amid what seems like one of the most scorching summers Michigan has ever seen. Many of us are wilting in the extreme temperatures and humidity; it’s definitely been putting a damper on some of my plans for this summer. I was looking forward to going to the art fair, which runs through July 23. However, when I saw that it’s going to be in the mid-90s, my excitement began to diminish. How can anyone possibly enjoy a fair in that kind of heat?

I still feel determined to somehow make it to the fair this week (and survive), so I decided to do a little digging and figure out some ways for fair-goers to enjoy themselves even on those sweltering days. Here are some potential ways for you to stay cool while at a summer fair:

  • Wear light clothes. This applies to both weight and color. Darker colors absorb the sun while lighter colors reflect it, so wearing the latter may keep your body temperature at bay.
  • Battery-powered mini fans. These are cheap options that are very effective. Some even come with water containers so that you can fan and spray mist at the same time for extra cooling!
  • Ice water. All you have to do is stick a water bottle in the freezer the night before you head out to the fair and you’ll be all set!
  • Umbrellas. Yes, these can, in fact, be used to combat things other than rain. By using an umbrella, you can protect your eyes from the rays and your body from the heat.
  • Walking slowly. Fairs can be exciting and may make you want to run around, but try to keep the pace at which you walk at a minimum. Less physical exertion will make it easier for your body temperature to remain low.

It’s important for not only fair-goers to keep from overheating, but everyone in general. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has created an extreme heat FAQ in order to educate the public on how best to handle ultrahigh temperatures.

Take advantage of some of the great fairs Michigan has to offer this summer, but try to stay cool while doing it!

What’s your favorite way to fight off the heat?

Photo credit: etgeek (Eric)


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