Keepin’ it Cool: 5 Tips to Stave Off the Heat at Summer Festivals

Along with orange construction barrels and people complaining about the heat after an insufferably long winter, festivals are the third harbinger of summer in Michigan.

Festivals are a fun time – tons of people attend to enjoy music, try the yield of crops that Michigan farmers grow, admire art, and celebrate many other homegrown accomplishments and events. But Michigan weather seems to always get in the way, whether it be thunderstorms or extreme heat. No matter the conditions, there are steps you can take to keep festivals enjoyable. Here are 5 tips to ┬átry when rain or inclement weather is in your festival forecast:

  • Wear light clothes. This applies to both weight and color. Darker colors absorb the sun while lighter colors reflect it, so wearing the latter may keep your body temperature at bay.
  • Battery-powered mini fans. These are cheap options that are very effective. Some even come with water containers so that you can fan and spray mist at the same time for extra cooling!
  • Ice water. All you have to do is stick a water bottle in the freezer the night before you head out to the fair and you’ll be all set!
  • Umbrellas. Yes, these can, in fact, be used to combat things other than rain. By using an umbrella, you can protect your eyes from the rays and your body from the heat.
  • Walking slowly. Fairs can be exciting and may make you want to run around, but try to keep the pace at which you walk at a minimum. Less physical exertion will make it easier for your body temperature to remain low.

It’s important for not only fair-goers to keep from overheating, but everyone in general. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has created an extreme heat FAQ in order to educate the public on how best to handle ultrahigh temperatures.

Take advantage of some of the great fairs and festivals Michigan has to offer this summer, but try to stay cool while doing it!

What’s your favorite way to fight off the heat?

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