I Hope to be Your Coach on Biggest Loser Detroit Edition III

The author with Steve Anderson, winner of the Biggest Loser Detroit Edition II.

It is that time of year again, time to lose to win for the Biggest Loser Detroit Edition III.  This is the third year that Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Michigan, in partnership with The Parade Company and WDIV, will be sponsoring the Detroit Edition of the famous weight-loss challenge.

Sign Up Now

If you or anyone you love is ready to lose weight and learn how to live a healthier lifestyle for a lifetime, now is the time to turn in your application. You have until July 27 to submit your entry. Once you make it through the application process and become a contestant there are many benefits. You get to work one-on-one with a BCBSM health and wellness coach, and you receive all the knowledge, education, inspiration, motivation, awareness and accountability to help you with your weight loss goals. If you win there are prizes, too.

Girls Vs. Guys

This is still a competition, so having that edge and desire will help you win.

For a change of pace this year, there will be two teams, comprised of 3 female contestants and 3 male contestants. This is extra special because the first Biggest Loser Detroit Edition winner, Marilyn Kluka, and last year’s winner, Steve Anderson, will be guest coaches for the ladies and men’s teams, respectively. The camrarderie of working with your team and focusing on your own specific goals will offer support throughout this challenge.

Coaches Benefit, Too

If you’re chosen as a contestant, there is a chance that I will be your coach. Last year I was the coach for  Steve Anderson, who became the winner (yay Steve!). I would love to work with you, too.

Being a coach for the Biggest Loser Detroit Edition is not only life-changing for the contestant, but for the coach as well. I learned as much from Steve as he did from me. I was able to teach him how to eat right and exercise, and I kept him accountable. However, he taught me so much about life, drive, focus and positive energy.

Steve and I will forever be friends, and for that I am so grateful. Writing this now makes me cry with tears of joy and pride for all that Steve is,  has accomplished and has become in this process. We are both forever changed for the better because of the Biggest Loser Detroit Edition.

I don’t think there is anything else to say, but get your application in today so you can be the next Detroit Biggest Loser.

Check out A Healthier Michigan on flickr and slgckgc.



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