Planet Green Jumps Aboard Detroit Bandwagon With ‘Detroit In Overdrive’ Mini-Series


Hollywood may be slowly packing its gear and leaving town, but the national media’s fascination with what’s happening in the Motor City continues full steam ahead, as evidenced by the upcoming documentary “Detroit in Overdrive” on Discovery Channel’s Planet Green network.

The documentary, described as a “three-part mini-series special event,” begins airing Thursday, Aug. 4 at 8 p.m.

If you’ve been downtown Detroit this week, you’ve likely seen the massive advertisement hanging from the New Cadillac Square building, shown above. There’s also this trailer that’s been floating around the Web, proclaiming “This is the Motor City, and we are coming back.”

From the looks of it, the show will focus heavily on the city’s entrepreneurial movement, following in the vein of documentaries like “Lemonade: Detroit” (view a brief interview I did with director Erik Proulx here) and this recent story in the New York Times. Joe Faris, a former Project Runway contestant now running the Motor City Denim Co., is among those featured.

“Word on the street is that we’ll get to see many Detroit doers on the small screen special, including Veronika Scott, Noah Stephens, Tyree Guyton (the Heidelberg Project), Jenenne Whitfield, and Joe Faris,” the blog I Am Young Detroit wrote (some emphases mine).

Check out the program’s trailer here. I’m definitely going to tune in. Will you?


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  1. It’s fascinating to me that Model D (which has been covering this stuff for 6 years) is not  part of the discussion.

  2. Thanks for the comment, Aprilboyle123. Model D’s been an interesting presence in the city and they definitely do some good work finding stories the larger news outlets don’t cover. I think if anything, it’s demonstrated that there is a big appetite here for good news about Detroit.

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