Warrior Dash: Getting Fit to the Extreme

Warrior Dash

For most Michiganders, summer is the prime time to get back in shape and be active outdoors in weather that is destined to be cut short by the chill of winter.

This summer, the Warrior Dash – a nationwide obstacle marathon – will be hosted in Michigan for the first time in Mount Morris on July 30 and 31. The Warrior Dash is 3.1 miles, with 11 obstacles between the start and finish. Obstacles vary from Deadweight Drifter to Warrior Roast. Sounds fun, right?

Crazy Fun

The obstacles between the 3.1 mile stretch include:

  • Road Rage: stampede through scrap metal and rusted wreckage
  • Great Warrior Wall: conquer wooden barricade
  • Deadweight Drifter: tread through waist deep water and logs
  • Barricade Breakdown: go over and under barbed wire
  • Chaotic Crossover: crawl across tangled nets
  • Teetering Traverse: walk on a teetering track
  • Blackout: dive into darkness and escape the trenches
  • Cargo Climb: maneuver over cargo nets
  • Warrior Roast: leap over warrior fires
  • Muddy Mayhem: scramble beneath barbed wire as you near the finish

I’m usually not one to jump at opportunities like extreme marathons, but this dash looks like a fun adventure, and feasible for anyone who is willing to get a little dirty.

Anyone can participate, as long as they take the time to prepare and train for the event accordingly. Participants should be prepared to handle the obstacles. It may seem scary, but the biggest obstacle is your frame of mind. Get the right mentality and you’ll have a blast.

The Warrior Dash also encourages people to dress up in the craziest get-up for this challenge, and there is also a costume competition at the end.

Tough Mudder

Something else to check out if you like a challenge is the Tough Mudder marathon. This worldwide event was designed by British Special Operatives and includes a 10 to 12 mile stretch with 20 to 25 military-style obstacles throughout. This event is so intense, that there is a training manual to prepare you for the physical and mental challenges you will face. If this sounds like your type of challenge, what are you waiting for? Sign up at the link above.

What has been your greatest fitness challenge? Share it with me here.

Photo Credit: WarriorDash.com

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