The Selena Gomez Lesson: Even the Young and Vigorous Need Essential Nutrients

“It doesn’t matter what I eat right now. I’m young and have a fast metabolism, so I don’t need to worry about gaining weight.” Some of you have probably said this at some point in your life. I think many people my age often don’t consider the health value of the food they eat — myself included. Even celebrities like Selena Gomez run into this problem.

Celebrities and Bad Nutrition

Celebrities are not exempt from the dangers of malnourishment; in fact, they are sometimes the most high-profile examples of it. Selena Gomez, for instance, was recently hospitalized due to malnutrition. However, it was not because she suffered from an eating disorder, as many celebrities do — it was simply because she wasn’t eating the right kinds of foods.

The NY Daily News reported that Gomez said her problem wasn’t lack of eating, it was her lack of healthy eating. Gomez admits that she is a “candy junkie,” and that she makes relatively poor choices when it comes to food. It seems that she mixed unhealthy eating habits with heavy work exertion, which resulted in hospitalization. After being hospitalized, though, she says she is attempting to make some lifestyle changes with the help of her mom, who is watching her vitamin intake and general eating habits.

Even though we may not have Selena’s rigorous work schedule, there is a lesson for many of us who don’t think we need to watch what we eat just yet.

Whether or not you’re watching your weight, how do you stay motivated to make eating healthy a priority?

Photo credit:  Stephen Eckert



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