Clinic’s Integrated Health Approach Helps Detroit’s Underserved Residents

5716 WellnessSouthwest Solutions, a coalition of Detroit nonprofits, has partnered up with Covenant Community Care and a handful of other organizations to open 5716 Wellness, a new integrated health care office and clinic for doctors serving residents of southwest Detroit.

This new integrated health care facility is not only a benefit to Detroiters seeking medical help on a tight budget, but it also serves a dual purpose in helping to revitalize Michigan Avenue.

“5716 Wellness was created from a need to serve lower-income, medically under-served communities,” said Steve Palackdharry, communications manager for Southwest Solutions. “Using an integrated approach was necessary to help these families be successful.”

Palackdharry said that without the help of Covenant Community Care, a federally qualified health center that provides care to uninsured and under-insured residents, such an approach would not have been possible.

The new center provides everything from primary medical and dental care to behavioral counseling services, and the integrated health services weren’t the only thing Southwest Solutions was concerned with. The building, previously a cigar factory designed by Detroit architect Albert Kahn, was remodeled with care and meticulous attention to detail. You can read more about the project here.

“We made a conscious effort to make sure that all that go in feel like they’re receiving high-quality care,” said Palackdharry.

Southwest Solutions is only one of the businesses working hard to help revitalize Detroit and its citizens, and the opening of 5716 Wellness was a triumph for them and organizations like them.

What do you think of the efforts being made to help Detroit’s citizens? What other ideas would you suggest?

Photo credit: Southwest Solutions

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