If You’re Serious About Losing Weight, Answer These 8 Questions

“I have made the decision that it is time to lose my excess weight, for good!” If that is a familiar statement to you, then congratulations! Not only because you have made a decision to become healthier, but because you have came to the right place — a website full of information and useful tools to help you achieve your journey towards better health and weight loss.

I am here for you… we are here for you… because we truly care about your good health.

My goal is to keep you motivated, and since I have been there (I was overweight for more than two decades, including years of morbid obesity), I feel that I have the extra edge in helping you become the healthier person you’ve always longed to be. No, I wasn’t meant to be fat forever like I had assumed for years — I successfully lost 162 pounds following a healthy lifestyle — and neither are you.

I realize now that losing weight and keeping it off means developing a plan that is easy to follow, enjoyable and adaptable to your lifestyle; but more importantly, it involves a lifestyle change (no more diets!). Without the willingness to change certain aspects of your lifestyle, the best weight loss efforts or plan will not be successful.

Before you begin your weight loss journey, please answer the following questions:

  1. Do you feel you need to change some of your current eating habits?
  2. Are you willing to eat differently than others when attending social gatherings?
  3. Are you ready to commit to daily physical activity, making it a part of your routine?
  4. Can you make small changes in your food choices and meal preparation methods?
  5. Have you established a realistic weight loss goal?
  6. Are you losing weight to improve your health? (I’m hoping it’s not for just a specific occasion, such as a class or family reunion or wedding.)
  7. Can you accept the fact that this will take time? (Hint: It does NOT happen overnight.)
  8. Do you believe in yourself?

If you answered yes to all of the above questions, congratulations, you’re ready to step into a new, healthy lifestyle! It will be a great journey, and one that you will not go through alone. I am here, right beside you every step of the way.

I want you to know that if I can do it, so can you.

Are you ready? Get set. GO!

As of this moment, your weight-loss journey has begun!

Photo by Abdullah AL-Naser.

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    Alternatively, if we maintain an attitude of always seeking steady, consistent improvement of our eating and exercise habits, we will lose weight naturally and be more content and relaxed about the process. Instead or pushing ourselves out of our comfort zone, we will confidently relax into the process of learning how to make better, wiser decisions, and benefiting from the positive rewards that these choices bring.

  2. I list only the best fat burners online but none of them mean a thing until a person is willing to get serious about weight loss. A positive attitude is more likely to breed success, and losing weight is not easy. Keep your chin up and just get started.

  3. I’m committed to changing my current habits of eating. I recently stopped eating sugar and processed foods that are loaded with sugar. I did hAve a stumble yesterday and consumed too many cookies from the bakery. Felt sick and tired after. I need to break this occasional binge on sweets

  4. I’m ready, i want to loose 30 pounds, I’ve been thin all my life, I’ve hit 50,and I’m gaining weight. Please help

    1. If you’re ready, we’re here to help. Start by setting your goals on ahealthiermichigan.com/healthyme and we’ll send you tips on how to reach your goals.

  5. Never had problems with losing a few pounds, then after 55 weight doesn’t come off like it use to. I’m serious about losing 15 to 20 pounds. Goal weight is 140

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