Hot Weekend Breakfast Links: Young Detroit Edition

Week of July 3-9: A fitting tribute to former first lady, Betty Ford; small-batch food manufacturers and the law; young creatives flock to Detroit; the bridge battle obscures a key point; calorie counts coming to chain restaurants; and a weeklong stay at a Lake Huron lighthouse. Hot links for a hot summer’s day!

  • Betty Ford, dead at 93: ‘I think I was born to be outspoken’ (Grand Rapids Press)
  • Federal government to help direct Detroit’s rebuilding (Detroit News)
  • Bridge fight rages, but there’s no doubt a new span is needed (Freep)
  • Detroit Pushes Back With Young Muscles (NYT)
  • National Media Standoff: Two Detroit Stories, Two Different Sides (Detroit Lives!)
  • Michigan tries to increase number of organ donors (News)
  • Food entrepreneurs say Michigan’s rules leave bad taste (News)
  • Calories count: New rules prompt restaurants to overhaul menus (LSJ)
  • Alternatives to movie incentives aim to keep Michigan competitive (Freep)
  • Drink local at A Sip of Michigan (Detroit Moxie)
  • The skinny on milk nutrition: Cow, goat, rice or soy? (MSNBC)
  • Can The USDA’s ‘Food Safe Families’ Program Really Prevent Contamination? (Organic Authority)
  • Editorial: An important call for faster action on carp (Freep)
  • A Tawas Point Lighthouse Caretaker Illuminates the Experience (HOUR Detroit)

Photo credit: Patricia Drury



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