5 Great Summer Reads by Michigan Authors

BooksSummer is a time for relaxation, when the air is light and people are carefree. But don’t forget about the value of a good book! Next time you’re lying out on the beach or by the pool, why not bring a story along? Several Michigan-based authors have released (or will be releasing) some great books to keep your brain stimulated throughout the season. I have listed below five novels from several genres that are likely to pique interest in a variety of groups. I was intrigued simply by their descriptions! Here are some of the Mitten’s brightest gems and their recent works:

  • Bloodlines by Richelle Mead (to be released Aug. 23): This novel is the first in a spin-off series of the Michigan native’s bestselling Vampire Academy series. Sydney Sage, the main character, is sent to a human private school to protect the life of a princess. In contrast to the Vampire series, the new book explores a setting populated by both vampires and humans, providing an unpredictable atmosphere where drama is sure to thrive.
  • Once Upon A River by Bonnie Jo Campbell: This writer, who calls the Kalamazoo area home, often writes about Michigan, and primarily about women. The novel is set in 1980 and is centered around a girl named Margo who resides along the river, isolated from others and living on her own. It is a story of relationships and a single girl’s journey in discovering who she is.
  • The Raising by Laura Kasischke: The Chelsea resident writes about a college student who gets into a car accident while driving with his girlfriend Nicole, who is tragically killed. Instead of her memory fading over time, as most people’s do, it actually becomes more prominent. As the tale progresses, the question begins to present itself — is Nicole actually dead? This tale of suspense and thrill is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat.
  • Misery Bay: An Alex McKnight Novel by Steve Hamilton: Another novel by the Detroit author in the Alex McKnight series, perfect for anyone who loves thrillers. This story is about the mysterious murders of State Police troopers and carefully orchestrated suicides in a town where the snow is ever-present, contributing to the chilling plot — the perfect tool to cool you down on a hot summer day.
  • Okay For Now by Gary Schmidt: The Grand Rapids-area native delights us with the tale of one boy’s struggle to reach outside the boundaries of his dysfunctional family for help from the other adults in his life. Though there is much tragedy in his life, he finds the strength to heal through intellect and art. This story will undoubtedly tug at some heartstrings.

What did I leave off the list? Read any good books lately by Michigan authors?

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  1. Hey! Put this on the ‘winter reading’ list if you have one! Rise of the Altered Moon, written by…me! Hi, I’m AZ Kelvin, I live in the woods near Kalamazoo with my wife and several animals. Rise of the Altered Moon is my first book to be published. Rise is a fun romp through the galaxy of the future with a small band of privateers aboard a stealth prototype starship. Rise is the first book in the Altered Moon Series with book two, Curse of the Altered Moon, due out in 2013. For more info check out http://www.azkelvin.com or my authors page at goodreads.com. Cheers and good reading – AZ

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