‘Biggest Loser’ Family’s Weight Loss an Inspiration

Ron Morelli, left, a contestant from NBC's "The Biggest Loser: Couples," stands with his son, Max, and Jodi Davis.

“You have to realize that in order to lose weight successfully and keep it off, it’s not going to be done by dieting. You have to make a lifestyle change and you can never give up on yourself.” Those are words that I listened to and completely agreed with while attending a recent health fair in my community. They came from Ron Morelli, a person who understands the morbidly obese life, just as I do.

I had the pleasure of meeting this amazing individual whose name you may be familiar with. Yes, he’s the same Ron who was a contestant of the second season of The Biggest Loser: Couples.

Ron’s weight had become a lifelong struggle for him — he was at 200 pounds when he was just 9 years old, and he has weighed as much as 500 pounds. He tried everything and lost weight, only to gain it back, and was on the show after realizing that obesity is a path his sons shouldn’t take.

Ron appeared on The Biggest Loser with his son, Mike, and the two lost a combined total of 399 pounds while on the show.

His youngest son, Max, watched from home. He was also morbidly obese, but at age 17, he was too young to join the show. Max weighed 430 pounds earlier in his teens, but has lost more than 150 pounds since 2009. He may have not been included on the popular television show, but he learned how to live healthier and the weight came off!

Max focuses on cardio and weight lifting and lives with his parents in Royal Oak. I had the pleasure of meeting this fine young man also. Max was on stage with his father as they discussed their weight loss success. It was awesome to see Ron’s eyes as Max spoke about how much better he felt about himself. It was as if Ron knew that his son was going to be alright now.

Before these three family members lost weight, they were scared about the health issues that obesity creates. Ron rattled off a list of all the medications he was taking daily before he lost his weight, and it took more than a minute to name them all. I honestly lost count. Ron said he still has some weight to lose, but he takes pride in the fact that he has maintained his weight, not gaining any back like he had so many times in the past.

Ron has surely motivated others around the country, helping them to realize that if he can do it, so can they! Maybe that explains why the mom, Becky, also has a weight loss success story of her own. Does it get any better than that?

Yes, it does! The Morelli family banded together to lose weight and so they have chosen to share their story in a book: “Fat Family, Fit Family.” You can learn all about the impressive story of this family’s journey to better health in this new book.

Thank you, Ron and Max, for taking the time out of your busy schedule to visit us over here in Southwest Michigan. Your words of wisdom were spoken from the heart … and we all loved it!


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    1. Hello Marge.

      Thank you for visiting and your inquiry … please allow me to ask: “What kind of help would you like regarding losing weight?” Exercise ideas? Motivation? Healthy recipes?

      I will do my very best to help you lose weight and focus on a healthy lifestyle!

      The photo posted was taken in Benton Harbor, Michigan, when Ron & Max (from NBC’s The Biggest Loser television show) visited to share their story with employees at a local business. I am not related to them but they surely are wonderful individuals who I consider friends.

      Jodi Davis

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