Kicking off #WellnessWeds: What does Wellness Mean to You?

Starting today we will post a #WellnessWeds article here on A Healthier Michigan to help get people talking about wellness here and with your friends on Twitter and Facebook. If you want to participate in the wellness discussion, add #WellnessWeds to your posts on Twitter each Wednesday, or search for the #WellnessWeds hashtag to see what others have been saying about wellness all week long.

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To kick off #WellnessWeds, we thought it would be a good idea to lead with a question: What does wellness mean to you?

At this point in my life, if I get more than 5 hours of sleep, squeeze in 3 workouts a week, eat somewhat regularly throughout the day, drink enough water and make sure to eat some fruits and veggies, I am content. However, what I’ve learned in my professional life as a dietitian is that each person’s wellness goals are unique. Wellness is really all about striving for your most balanced state by continually striving towards maintaining a healthy lifestyle and peace of mind.

More Thoughts on Wellness

To get a sense of what others think about wellness, I reached out to my colleagues, peers and friends to ask them about their personal wellness definitions. In return, I got a variety of answers centered around similar themes; many stated that wellness involved the trifecta of mind, body and spirit. Many also shared a lot of insight regarding exercise and fitness along with diet and nutrition. Others discussed the spirituality of their life and what that had to offer to their sense of wellness. 

I wish I could list all of them here, but here are a few answers I received from some of my coworkers at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan:

  • Healthy eating, exercise, and taking care of one’s mental health is what wellness means to me. 
  •  Wellness is about feeling good in your body and getting off the couch so you can move. Wellness is only having to go to the doctor for check-ups once in a while not monthly or weekly. 
  • I’ve always heard wellness described as being soundness of mind, body and spirit.  I agree with this line of thinking but to me wellness also has the added touch of happiness, positivity, and an enthusiastic passion for continued growth. 
  • Wellness to me means feeling good (having energy, having a good quality of life means so much).  Wellness to me is being able to be healthy enough to do the things I want to do. 
  • Wellness is about keeping in line the parts of our health that we do have control over, like weight control, smoking status, and stress maintenance.  Making a healthy lifestyle part of our daily routines now encourages a prosperous future.  

I also posted the same question to Twitter and here are some of the responses I received:

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What does wellness mean to you? And how do you practice it? Let’s get the #WellnessWeds discussion started!

Photo Credit:  patriziasoliani