Hot Weekend Breakfast Links: Wienermobile Edition

Week of June 12-18: The Mitten no longer radioactive to retailers; tour a Straits-area lighthouse; pastoral city bicycling; roadblocks for food trucks in Detroit; how the digital era helps the U.P.; and black bears expanding their reach in the Lower Peninsula. Your hot dog links with ketchup, mustard and plenty of spicy relish:

  • Millions of Great Lakes fish killed in power plant intakes (Chicago Tribune)
  • Michigan House approves Senate bill that scales back film incentives (MLive)
  • Grand Rapids area best in nation to land a summer job; Detroit 5th worst (Freep)
  • National retailers looking to expand in Michigan (Detroit News)
  • Metro Detroit’s rules against food trucks leave a sour taste (News)
  • Avenue of passion: Pedestrian scale Livernois strip reloads for the future (Model D)
  • The U.P. isn’t letting online money pass it by (U.P. Second Wave)
  • Yoopers Have Sisu (Yooper Steez)
  • Round Island Lighthouse Open House July 9 (Mackinac Island Blog)
  • Black bears becoming Lower Peninsula nuisance (News)
  • A Country Bike Ride (Bikes, Books & A Little Music)
  • New Study Show Dieters More Prone to Blind Faith in ‘Healthy’ Product Names (Organic Authority)
  • If you plant a herb garden, you better darn* well like pesto (Veggie Bon Vivant)
  • Hot Diggity Dog! The Wienermobile Food Truck is Coming to Detroit (Detroit Moxie)

Photo by Michael Kappel.



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