Can Lemonade Provide the Spark For New Generation of Michigan Entrepreneurs?

Consider the lemonade stand: a symbol of childhood, summertime and Americana that represents many kids’ first foray into the basics of capitalism. And that’s exactly the premise of Lemonade Day Detroit, an event June 12 that uses the sidewalk refreshment stand as a way to teach entrepreneurialism to a new generation.

Lemonade Day Detroit takes place Sunday at stands across Detroit and throughout Macomb, Oakland and Wayne counties.

The event, which began in Houston in 2007, has spread to 33 locations in 19 states. It makes its first appearance in Detroit this weekend.

“We’ve distributed 11,000 backpacks, so 11,000 kids have all the information and all the data and we’ll just have to wait and see what happens Sunday,” Lemonade Day Detroit spokeswoman Jennifer Marsik Friess said. “We’ve gotten really incredible support from the community partners.”

With the help of partnering sponsors, participating kids get help setting goals, establishing a budget, seeking investors, learning about customer service and giving back to the community. (While registration is coming down to the wire, participants can still register and pick up backpacks at any Art Van or Huntington National Bank location.)

Organizers have taken to Facebook, where you can find a number of locations for individual lemonade-stand businesses. A few follow:

Anyone who reads A Healthier Michigan knows we’re big supporters of efforts to increase entrepreneurialism — whether it’s a homegrown mobile application startup or a bike tour to support small businesses in Detroit. Michigan’s economic turnaround depends on no one more than ourselves and our own plucky ingenuity.

So on Sunday, if you find yourself hot and parched, go buy some lemonade. And if you know of other locations of Lemonade Day stands, list ‘em here!

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