Hot Weekend Breakfast Links: Mackinac Edition

Week of May 29-June 4: Mackinac Island is for fudge and confessing the state’s sins; an impromptu brass band in Detroit; the problem with scrapping health care reform; new life for an old riverfront factory; new incentives to boost businesses; and pick up a new outdoor activity at one of Michigan’s State Parks. Your hot links this week are smothered and covered.

  • Michigan’s only urban state park sees nature taking root in vacant Detroit plant (AP)
  • Learn To Love The Outdoors With Rec 101 (Great Lakes Gazette)
  • GM exec Reuss: ‘I’m tired of being ashamed of where I live’ (Freep)
  • Snyder raises pressure for Detroit River bridge (Detroit News)
  • Snyder rolls out $3B in boosts for Michigan business (Freep)
  • Michigan Business Tax’s death was great news for Meijer, right? Not quite (
  • Is Detroit Public Schools worth saving? Charter process sparks debate (Freep)
  • Detroit Street Band (Bikes, Books & a Little Music)
  • Downriver Highriders and Kid Rock (
  • Post-HMO Health Care: Are Accountable Care Organizations the Answer? (Time)
  • Let’s just start over? (CHRT)
  • Eating Fat, Staying Lean (NYT)
  • Does the Plate Give Better Dietary Advice Than the Pyramid? (WSJ)

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