Three Ways to Find a Local Farmer’s Market in Michigan

Whether you have a passion for supporting local business or organic growers or just love fresh food, visiting a farmer’s market is always a day well spent. Regardless of whether you’ve got your favorite already picked out (like Detroit’s own Eastern Market) or are just getting your feet wet in the world of fresh produce, there are some good ways to familiarize yourself with all of the farmer’s markets and farm-friendly restaurants in your area.

There are a host of websites that cater to the needs of foodies searching for the freshest in fresh-grown food.

  1. Ann Arbor-based crowdsourcing site Real Time Farms features a search engine to help you not only locate the closest farmer’s markets, but also find out what’s currently on sale there. The site also lists restaurants that use ingredients from local farms so that farm-friendly food connoisseurs can still support their local farmers even when they go out to eat.
  2. Another great resource for anyone on the lookout for fresh local food is Local Harvest, which helps visitors track down farmer’s markets in their area and provides reviews by previous visitors to help guide the search. Local Harvest also highlights the produce that is available at each market so shoppers on the hunt for one particular fruit or vegetable know just where to look.
  3. The Agricultural Marketing Service, provided by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, also features a no-nonsense way to find your local markets through a state-by-state directory. For those who may be new to the world of outdoor markets this to-the-point system may be the best start. The website features market locations and times of operation.

Regardless of whether you’re vegan, vegetarian, or a fan of organics, find your nearest farmer’s market and see just what the farmers in your area have in store. You might be pleasantly surprised by the bounty right in your backyard.

What other resources have you found for locating farmer’s markets in Michigan?

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  1. The Michigan Farmers Market Association has a “Find a Farmers Market” section on their website that has listings for over 251 markets across the state. You can search by day of the week, city and county. Check it out!

  2. If you live in or around Grand Rapids, check out Little Flower Farm ( for fresh, local produce. The boxes today have arugula, lettuces, baby bak choi, French breakfast radishes, spring onions… 

    1. Great Valoree, thanks for your contribution! I took a quick look at the site and it seems like a wonderful resource. 

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