Easy, Healthy Grilled Chicken Recipe Fits the Bill For Picky Eaters

How many times per week do you find yourself struggling to figure out what to cook for dinner? Not only trying to focus on what to prepare for all the finicky eaters in your family, but also making sure that the food you serve is healthy can be trying on one’s nerves, believe me. And then there is the time factor, not to mention the high costs of food these days. Many who prepare meals for the family find that keeping all four of these factors in positive territory is close to impossible.

I have found a simple solution for those times when I just don’t know what to prepare for dinner time. This is a meal that satisfies all the finicky eaters in my family. This is a very healthy and nutritious meal that doesn’t take much time to prepare and is very affordable.

I purchase a few of my favorite vegetables at the grocery story, along with using up any that happen to be lingering in my refrigerator. My most recent compilation (pictured above) was made up of fresh green beans, mushrooms, onions, fingerling carrots, green bell peppers, potatoes and fresh asparagus. Next, I marinate a few cubed, skinless chicken breasts in soy sauce while preheating the outdoor grill and preparing the veggies.

It only takes a few minutes to rinse and slice the vegetables, preparing them for the grill. I put the fingerling carrots in a bowl of water to microwave for about six minutes to make sure they are tender. I often do the same for the potatoes and fresh asparagus.

I prepare this meal using a square, stainless steel BBQ grill basket and coat the it with non-stick cooking spray. With the grill temperature set at medium, I place all the vegetables in the basket. I check the vegetables often, making sure to toss the veggies gently so they are all cooked evenly. After about 10 minutes on the grill, I add the marinated chicken and continue to cook thoroughly until both the vegetables and chicken are tender.

My most recent meal not only satisfied every one of my family member’s palates, but it looked amazing too! Believe it or not, I even took a picture … hey, I was proud!

I think you will find this meal to be simple, fun, inexpensive, healthy and pleasing to all in your family also. It’s a great way to serve a summer-healthy and simple meal along with taking the worry out of “what to cook” today!

If you try it, let me know how it turns out.

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