The Fight Against Childhood Obesity: A Team Effort

Is obesity linked to eating too many calories in one day, or is it a lack of physical activity? The answer is: both.

Obesity is the result of eating too many calories and not getting enough exercise, and it affects children everywhere. Kids today are faced with:

  • Increased portion sizes
  • High calorie foods and sugary drinks
  • A lack of daily activity
  • Too much television and other media

All of these things play a role in increasing a child’s risk for obesity.

Kids Need Role Models

There is no simple solution for childhood obesity, but we can make a difference by teaching kids the benefits of healthy habits and by serving as role models. If parents and communities across the nation come together to help kids make healthy choices, then we are sure to change this epidemic.  

Recently, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, Project FIT, and Matthew Stafford joined forces to reach over 200 kids from four different Grand Rapids elementary schools. Matthew Stafford spoke to the kids about the importance of exercising on a daily basis and eating more fruits and vegetables.

Exercise Can Be Fun

Stafford rotated between 8 exercise stations, working out with kids by stretching, running sprints, and doing jumping jacks. Having a role model like Matthew Stafford encourages kids to make healthy choices.

Parents and community leaders can join the fight by working to:

So in conclusion, there is a place for each of us in the fight against childhood obesity. To find out how to support healthy lifestyle activities for kids in your community, visit this site.

Do you encourage your kids to adopt healthy habits? Share your ideas and favorite family activities here. 

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  1. What a WONDERFUL POST, Jessica!  You “hit the nail right on the head!” 
     Expanding programs that bring local fruits and vegetables to schools
    Implementing salad bars in schools
    Increasing access to free drinking water
    Limit (DOING AWAY WITH) the sale of sugary drinks in school
    Establishing school wellness and nutrition policies  These are great ways to begin the journey towards LOWER CHILDHOOD OBESITY levels!  It is surely a ‘team effort’ & I believe that we have a TOP-RANKED TEAM that can, and that WILL lead Michigan to WIN the fight against obesity!  *And don’t forget a daily, BRISK WALK ~ a fun and healthy habit for both kids & parents!Jodi Davis


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    It is now used in 10 countries. ALL weight issues are caused by Food chemicals and he shows how to reverse it if you are Diabetic or not

    just google SPIRIT HAPPY DIET

  3. Part of the problem is that kids have become sedentary. They stay inside on the couch using internet, texting, on ipods and video games. When I was young, we had our share of burgers, pizza, hot dogs etc. But between P.E., riding our bikes, football, swimming during the summer, and roller skating on Sunday nights, we all stayed slim. You only saw a fat kid once in a while. None of us were fat because we played outside and burned off what we ate. A message to kids-GO OUT AND PLAY! @MILEY 🙂

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