Hot Weekend Breakfast Links: Late-Night Munchies Edition

Week of May 15-21: Food as key to a new Detroit; late-night munchies and your waistline; Chrysler could be free of government debt next week; a census snapshot of Michigan’s bedroom communities; help for uninsured Yoopers; and nothing says springtime like a float down the Flint River. There will be hot links waiting for you when you get back!

  • Detroit Looks to Community Gardens, Markets and Forums (NYT)
  • This time, high gas prices aren’t killing auto sales (Detroit News)
  • Chrysler set to repay feds after late changes to deal (News)
  • One clue to why health care costs are so high? Docs don’t know what things cost (The Health Care Blog)
  • Funding your health care (Upper Michigan’s Source)
  • Does Late-Night Eating Cause Weight Gain? (NYT)
  • Economist: Michigan to add 60,000 jobs a year (AP)
  • The longer the commute, the larger the paycheck, census figures show (MLive)
  • Detroit riverfront rebirth takes shape, but much work remains (News)
  • Readers tell ‘Why Michigan’ video engages, but CEOs will need more (Freep)
  • New Pure Michigan Mackinac Island commercial (Mackinac Island Blog)
  • Bike Tour Vacations helps you wheel around Michigan (Battle Creek Enquirer)
  • A trip down the Flint River: Author “Doc” Fletcher says the canoeing trip is something he would do again (Flint Journal)
  • A state park for every season (Enquirer)
  • Northern Michigan Attractions: Transported by Morels (
  • East Meets West (Rapid Growth)

And five tips to get you ready for swimsuit season, via Today:

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