8 Good Reasons Why You Should Choose Organic

The buzz is out there to choose organic foods. But why?

I love my Door to Door Organics service, where I receive organic fruits and vegetables delivered to my home.  I don’t always have organic foods, but I try my best to incorporate them as much as possible.

People say to me: “I want more organic foods, but they are expensive.” This may be true – but in my opinion – in the long run, the benefits outweigh some of the higher prices.

Say Yes to Organic

Truth be told: it is healthier and safer for you and your families to eat organic. It also greatly benefits the farmers that cultivate organic fruits and vegetables. Organic farmers are environmental stewards of the land. They use natural and sustainable methods to bring to you the best tasting, safest, and most nutrient-rich foods available. 

Organic items:

  1. Include no poisonous chemicals that contaminate the air, water, soil and our bodies (like GMO’s, poisonous pesticides, synthetic fertilizer, antibiotics and hormones).
  2. Reduce, if not eliminate, farm-based pollution
  3. Protect future generations: poisons passed from mother to child
  4. Taste better with truer flavor (studies show)
  5.  Promote biodiversity / farm reforestation
  6. Assist with cultural and environmental conservation
  7. Build healthy soil with microbiotic vibrancy. Feed the soil, not the plant.
  8. Safeguard animal welfare and protect wildlife

If you are looking for more organic foods in your area, check out the Eat Well Guide for locations near you. Do a taste test. I feel like my organic vegetables have a crisper flavor, but they do go bad a little bit more quickly than conventional produce. 

What do you like about organic food? What do you dislike? Weigh in.  I would love to hear your thoughts. 

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  1. My family has had several discussions about weather or not we should capitalize on the organic movement and the answer is still No for us. We are very proud to produce hi

    gh quality safe and nutritious milk for our community and we feel that organic practices just really don’t fit with our views.
    Milk is the 2nd most regulated food in the grocery store. No matterwhat the label says it is all safe. The philosophical practices of the farm is the only difference. If I were to get mastitis I would use an antibiotic, so that’s what we do for our cows too. However we withhold the milk for up to 14 days after they are treated before she can rejoin the herd. Milk goes through 6 checkpoints before it reaches consumers. It is tested for everything from odor to antibiotics each time. No milk at the store will have antibiotics.
    ALL milk WILL have hormones. They are naturally occurring in mik and really in almost all foods(salad, soy, etc..) Some cows naturally have higher hormone levels- just like people. We currently don’t give our cows artifical growth hormones.
    We are very excited to use no-till planting and know this has drastically prevented soil erosion. This practice couldn’t be used for organic crop production.
    We have discussed many other issues. But these were our top ones in the decision process. I would love it if you would like to visit our 4th generation family farm!
    -Annie Link

  2. Hi Annie,
    Thank you so much for this information and the education.  I appreciate it greatly.  I would truly love to come to your farm and blog about my visit.  I will reach out to you.  Thanks for your comment.  :o)

    1. We hope so too! Thanks for stopping by and reading our post. Please feel free to share on your social channels! Thank you, Candice

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