Overweight and Ashamed to Attend Health Events? Move Past Your Obese Mentality and Connect In Real Life

Sign for a healthy cooking demonstrationA morbidly obese mentality is something I still hold within me even though it’s been ten years since my body has morbidly obese. I suppose this mentality won’t ever leave me completely; after all, I was morbidly obese for more than two decades of my life. I’m not complaining about this – actually it’s something I consider very valuable. My morbidly obese past inspires me to help others today, which is worth more than I can express. I am grateful for this.

Did I enjoy living as a morbidly obese person? No, I despised it, but instead of trying to forget those years of unhappiness, I choose to share my feelings with others who are currently living the morbidly obese life today.

I remember what it is like to wake up each day and wish to be a “normal” size like the rest of the world. I started so many mornings knowing I would be dieting, yet again, for the billionth time – and spending the entire day focusing on what I was not supposed to eat. Oh, and I can’t forget how I would weigh myself before putting one ounce of food in my mouth, just to see if I lost a single pound since the day before. Let’s just say I hated those bathroom scales — I felt that I didn’t eat enough to keep a bird alive, yet I still weighed almost 300 pounds.

As far as exercise was concerned… sure, the experts say to stay physically active, you need to get out there and move! I would wonder whether any of these experts had children. I have three, and I know what it is like to chase a toddler around the house while also tending to an infant and keeping a five year-old entertained at the same time, not to mention keeping our yard spotless and our home perfectly clean.  If that isn’t exercise, I don’t know what is. Did I consider this physical activity? Yes. Did I lose weight? Not a pound… So much for exercise, I gave up listening to experts.

This mentality was not something unique to my personal experience.

These days, I often attend health fairs and expos to share my story with others who might be struggling with their weight. I can still recall times when I would hear about an upcoming health fair or fitness expo were advertised on our local radio stations. The announcer would talk about free health screenings, healthy diets and exercise trends and my only thought was, “yeah sure, I’d only attend a unfit expo.” Other overweight, obese, and morbidly obese people have often shared with me how they would NEVER want to be seen at any type of health-related event.

The thing is, to change your life, you have to get outside of your comfort zone. There are many people I know who were once hesitant about attending health events who now realize that they actually ENJOY these health events! Plus, I would really love to meet you if you’re reading this, in real life.

When I make an appearance at a local health event, I really love to connect with others. I look forward to sharing my tips for weight-loss success — how diets don’t work for weight loss, but a healthy lifestyle does. I explain how I hated the word “exercise” and how I found a fun and easy alternative: WALKING.

Please, when you learn of an upcoming event that is focused on healthy living, take the opportunity and attend. They really are enjoyable and you DO belong there just as much as everyone else!  I’d like to talk with you, to help put an end to your obesity by sharing my story.

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