Detroit Restaurant Week: How to Enjoy It in a Healthy Way

Detroit Restaurant Week began this past Friday (April 1) and will continue throughout this week and into Sunday (April 10). What a perfect opportunity to try some of the best restaurants in the city, without breaking your bank. Most establishments have a set menu, where you are able to choose 3 courses for about $28 (excluding beverages and gratuity). 

Take Your Pick

Restaurant weeks occur in many different cities throughout the year. In Detroit, there has been autumn and spring Restaurant Weeks since the fall of 2009. This is the 4th.

There are 18 restaurants participating in this special event. It is a busy week, so I would recommend making a reservation at one of the following spots:

  1. 24 Grille
  2. Andiamo Detroit Riverfront
  3. Angelina Italian Bistro
  4. Atlas Global Bistro
  5. Caucus Club
  6. Coach Insignia
  7. Cuisine
  8. Da Edoardo Foxtown Grille
  9. Detroit Seafood Market
  10. Iridescence
  11. Mosaic Restaurant
  12. Opus One
  13. Rattlesnake Club
  14. Roast
  15. Roma Cafe
  16. Saltwater
  17. The Whitney
  18. Wolfgang Puck Grille

Healthy Tips for Dining Out

Everyone loves great food and a cool atmosphere that makes it easy to socialize with friends and make new ones. With that being said, because we are not focused on just the food, many of us overeat when dining out. 

Here are a few tips to keep your portions under control while enjoying your dining experience:

  • Eat slowly. Many people will eat quickly and will continue to pick at their food even when they are full.
  • Try boxing half of your meal right away, that way you get another meal for the next day.
  • Split a course with a friend.
  • Avoid buffets. It is proven that the more food you have to choose from, the more you will eat.
  • Drink water in between bites to stay hydrated, especially if you are enjoying a cocktail or two.  
  • If you want to substitute your french fries for steamed vegetables, don’t be afraid to ask. If you want to make sure the vegetables are actually steamed and not overly seasoned or with added butter, just ask.

When reading a menu look for the following words that are indicators of healthy food options:

  • baked
  • grilled
  • broiled
  • roasted
  • poached
  • steamed
  • braised
  • stir-fry
  • dry rub
  • sautéed

Beware of the following words on the menu. These indicate heavy, fatty and foods full of calories:

  • cream sauce
  • butter
  • oil
  • au gratin
  • breaded
  • battered
  • fried
  • deep-fried
  • smothered
  • with gravy

Enjoy eating healthy during Detroit Restaurant Week. Let me know which restaurants you try and what you think of them. Cheers!

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