Hot Weekend Breakfast Links: Happy Michigan Wine Month

Week of March 27-April 2: April is Michigan Wine Month; the state’s jobless benefits get shorter; the FDA weighs in on a premature-birth drug controversy; a possible link between artificial food coloring and child behavioral problems; a pasty fest in the U.P.; and everything you always wanted to know about the founder of Hamtramck but were afraid to ask. May we suggest a nice Riesling with your links?

  • Michigan Cuts Jobless Benefit by 6 Weeks (NYT)
  • Snyder advocates city-county mergers (Detroit News)
  • Sales of fuel-efficient autos stall despite high gas prices (Freep)
  • Smuggling of live fish seen as threat to Great Lakes (News)
  • Accident Fund prepares to open headquarters in renovated Ottawa Power Station (LSJ)
  • State’s wine industry growing more fruitful (News)
  • In Detroit, urban farming waiting to take root (Freep)
  • How healthy is your county? Find out (UpNorthLive)
  • FDA Fires Shot at Pricey Preterm Labor Drug (NPR)
  • FDA Panel to Consider Warnings for Artificial Food Colorings (NYT)
  • Nutrition Guidelines: Are You Eating Too Much Sugar? (Shape)
  • Having realistic expectations for walkability (
  • UPside of life: A very tasty festival (UP’s Second Wave)
  • Book on “Lovable Cities” Focuses on Detroit (Detroit Lives!)
  • Why is Michigan So Generous with Bottle Deposits? (Mental Floss)
  • Jean-Francois Hamtramck (The Night Train)

Photo by lpwines.



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