Overcoming Obstacles to Daily Walking: The Power of Good Shoes

Most people want to become healthier and shed their excess weight, but many also feel that there are some obstacles getting in their way. One of the most common obstacles I hear from others is: “I know that I should walk each day like you do, Jodi, but I just don’t have the energy after working all day… what do you suggest?”

Yes, there are times when I feel too tired to walk.

Get Your Shoes On No Matter What

Believe me, sometimes I don’t even feel like going to the closet to get my shoes. But I’ve learned that I really do feel much better after I begin my daily walk, and though you may find it difficult to believe… WALKING really does increase your energy level. Even though you may feel too tired, really try to force yourself to put on your walking shoes — no matter what.

Once your shoes are on your feet, you’re not just going to just sit there and look at them, am I right? Before you know it, you’ll be enjoying your daily walk as you take in the fresh air and reap the health benefits that walking creates. Note: I’ve found that a “cup of tea at 3 p.m. helps re-energize me on those rare occasions when my body refuses to move.

Avoid Pain and Injury With Good Shoes

Another question, or obstacle, that people ask: “I’m worried that I may pull or strain a muscle when I start a walking routine since I haven’t exercised for years. Did this happen to you?”

Back in 2001, that first week of my daily-walking routine was probably the toughest on me. Remember, I was almost 300 pounds and my morbidly-obese body was not accustomed to any daily exercise regimen. When I took my very first walk it was at a brisk pace, even though I would have been much more comfortable walking slowly. My sides ached a little bit, but not enough to cause me any severe pain; it was tolerable. I thought of this little pain as a reminder to me that I had not exercised for a very long time and my body needed to adjust. And as I expected, as each day passed the pain lessened and it became easier for me to walk faster.

As far as actually pulling a muscle, I can recall that in the beginning months, one of my hips became a little sore but I learned that I wasn’t wearing the correct walking shoe; mine were also a couple years old. The pain went away once I found a good pair of walking shoes.

Most people don’t realize walking shoes are built to last 350 to 500 miles. Walkers are very unlikely to get good support and cushioning after the 500 mile mark. A person’s weight is also a factor; the more a person weighs the faster that their shoes will wear out. If you walk approximately 30 minutes a day, or an average of 3 to 4 hours a week, replace your shoes every six months. If you are walking 60 minutes a day or an average of 7 hours a week, replace your shoes every three months. 

Your Turn

If you have any questions for me, please ask in the comment area below. I’d love to help with any concerns you might have.


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  1. I’m not  a total couch potato but I get very out of breath when I walk.  Is it better to walk faster and have to stop to catch my breath or walk slower so I don’t get out of breath?

    1. Zoeyann123,

      How awesome to know that you are taking the initiative to WALK … I love it!  

      As far as the “perfect pace” for you goes – personally, I like to walk as fast as I can without having to stop & catch my breath, making sure to keep moving the entire duration of my walk.  

      You want to enjoy your walk; if you’re walking too fast causing you to feel uncomfortable, you may find that you’ll want to avoid walking altogether … which I do NOT recommend!  A person burns the same amount of calories PER MILE when walking or running  (many people don’t realize that fact: http://walking.about.com/od/calorie1/a/calorieswalkrun.htm)

      Keep up your daily walking routine, remembering that with “every step you take” you are working towards a HEALTHIER LIFESTYLE ~ and I think that is fabulous!

      Stay in touch … I want to know how your walking routine goes.


  2. I weigh 340 lb and need some good shoes for work and exercise.I walk on concrete all day at work.what shoes would you reccomend?

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