The Goodbyn: Good for the Environment, Your Pocket and Your Waistline

Did you know that the average spent on plastic baggies every year is $190 per household?

Well, the Goodbyn is a sealed lunchbox container that eliminates the use of plastic baggies and juice box containers, which reduces waste and saves money.

Good for Michigan

This small company is based out of Naperville, Illinois, but the product is manufactured through Cascade Engineering out of Grand Rapids.
Cascade Engineering teamed up with Byndoo, an eco-friendly product development company, to manufacture the Goodbyn.

Makes Lunch Convenient

The Goodbyn is dishwasher safe and is made out of food-safe plastic and is easy to carry. There are two different sizes, the original Goodbyn and the smaller, Bynto version. It comes with stickers for children to decorate their Goodbyn and make it their own. Each individual container keeps the food fresh and ensures foods don’t touch one another.

Helps with Portion Control

As a dietitian, portion control is something I frequently discuss. The Goodbyn’s structure can fit all the food you love in better portion sizes to avoid overeating.

Many people think a serving is whatever is on their plate, but remember there is more to it. The key with controlling our portion sizes is measuring our food, so we know what a healthy portion looks like on our various plates, bowls, cups and glasses.

Here are single serving portions of the following foods:

A Serving Of… Equals…
Fresh fruit or vegetables 1 cup
Canned fruit or cooked vegetables 1/2 cup
Starchy vegetables or dried beans 1/2 cup
Bread 1 slice
Dry cereal 3/4 cup
Cooked cereal 1/2 cup
Rice or pasta, cooked 1/3 cup
Dairy products 1 cup
Lean meats, chicken & fish 3 ounces
Oil, margarine, or butter 1 teaspoon

Remember that we want to eat according to our actual height and our weight goals.

Try out the Goodbyn for you and your family and let me know what you think. I have had mine for a week now and love it.

Find a store that sells them near you here or order them online.

Photo Credit: cafemama and Crazybananas


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  1. Cool! So, does it seal down completely so the stuff in the compartments doesn’t mix together? I don’t suppose they have any guy-friendly colors. I don’t really want a hot pink lunchbox with Dora the Explorer stickers on it! lol.


    1. Jon, I love mine. It does seal down completely and the compartments don’t mix at all. :o)
      They definitely have “manly” colors. Let me know if you get one and how you like it.

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