Take Time to Shine: Share Your Personal Weight-Loss Success Story

MicrophoneWeight-loss success stories – tell me one and you’ve just made my day! Not only do I enjoy listening to these wonderful accomplishments, but I also enjoy looking into the eyes of the person as they share their personal success. Their eyes have this special glimmer, almost as if they are full of emotional bliss causing them to shine brighter than ever! People who have changed their lifestyle to lose weight and be healthier share in a special phenomenon: they each have a desire to share these wonderful feelings with the world! Hey, I can’t blame them, I’ve been there too!

Have You Been There?

Nothing is stopping you from sharing your own weight-loss success story! Have you achieved a recent weight-loss that you would like to share with us? I’d love to hear about it, not only because I want to allow you to “shine” but also because I want you to know how proud I am of your accomplishments! Plus, if your personal success story helps to motivate another individual to lose their excess weight and become healthier… well then, you just saved a life! It happens, believe me.

In fact, I just read an article this morning about a woman, Denise Fontana, a 48-year old woman who once weighed over 300 pounds. Get this… she lost 162 pounds too. What a coincidence, I also lost 162 pounds! It took Denise three years to shed her excess weight and she has kept it off for years, just like I have.

She explains how she was in her 30s when her doctor put her on blood pressure medication. One day she noticed that the side of her head was numb, she went to her doctor and he diagnosed her with diabetes. That was the day when she realized that she had to take control of her health. Please take a moment to read Denise’s story and then come right back here to discuss.

Another great success story is Chris Waters. He weighed 377 pounds at age 39 when he was given a gift certificate to a personal trainer for his birthday. With the help of the trainer, Chris lost 135 pounds and ran his first 5K in May of last year. His story is also remarkable.

Of course, one of my very favorite weight-loss success stories is that of my great friend, Mr. Jon Stanton! At Jon’s heaviest in 2007 he weighed 430 pounds. At 31, he had high blood pressure, high cholesterol and symptoms of congestive heart failure. When his doctor diagnosed him with Type 2 diabetes, Jon made the commitment to completely change his lifestyle habits. Jon lost 230 total pounds and continues to live a healthy lifestyle. He also blogs as a guest on A Healthier Michigan. Read his recent blog posts and see just how far he’s come! I am so proud of Jon and I know you will be too. Please take a moment to listen to Jon’s story.

Above all else, I ask you to please contribute your personal weight-loss success story… if not today, maybe sometime soon?

You have the ability, the strength, and the power to do so; this is YOUR TIME TO SHINE! Jodi

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  1. Jodi,

    I hope I don’t jinx myself, but I’ve been working at losing weight since about the first half of December. Today I finally hit the 20 pound mark. I still have more to go, but 20 pounds was an important stepping stone, or mini-goal for me.

    Thanks for the inspiration, reading your blog posts has certainly helped me stay motivated. I just thought you should know 🙂


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