Hot Weekend Breakfast Links: Cars, Trains, Buses and Bikes Edition

Second in a weekly series to serve up fresh stories and other tasty content from the Great Lakes State and beyond.

Week of Feb. 20-26: Detroit Mayor Dave Bing’s State of the City address gives a nod to the city’s bicycling culture; a few of the pimped-out bikes to be found there; what volatile gas prices mean for General Motors; a tax fight over buses in Grand Rapids; the long road ahead for light rail in Motown; how the Symphony might be resurrected; and snowmobiles and nickel mines in the U.P. Get your weekend breakfast links while they’re hot!

  • Detroit Mayor Dave Bing to go after what cash he can (Freep)
  • Detroit Mayor Dave Bing: a city that embraces bicycles and greenways (
  • Detroit Bikes are the Coolest (Bikes, Books & a Little Music)
  • Opponents of property tax increase for The Rapid mass transit system in Grand Rapids say hybrid buses are not worth the extra cost (Grand Rapids Press)
  • Might Rail? (Metro Times)
  • GM braces for pricier gas; despite 2010 profit, investors worry (Freep)
  • Kennecott loses road decision; worries intensify over U.P. mine (Great Lakes Echo)
  • Editorial: Congratulations, Mayor-elect Rahm Emanuel; now take on the Asian Carp (GR Press)
  • Classical Music Economics: Is There a Solution? (Huffington Post)
  • Michigander or Michiganian? Learn what these local names are known as (
  • Nearly Half of Americans Use Facebook; Only 7% Use Twitter (Mashable)
  • Snowmobile Michigan’s Upper Peninsula for unsurpassed beauty (MLive)
  • Cultivating urban farm becomes lengthy process (Detroit News)
  • Uninsured Have Limited Options Until 2014 (NPR)

Plus, a bonus video: sipping wine in the D (Model D):

Photo by j/k_lolz


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