Learn to Love Michigan Snow

Bill Magley is the owner and operator of Nature’s Fitness, an outdoor personal training center located in Stevensville, MI. The company provides personal training for individuals, teams and corporations. Bill recently received national recognition for his efforts in the fight against teenage obesity. You can contact Bill here or search for Nature’s Fitness on Facebook.

Were you disappointed by the big snow storm this week?

Photo includes Magley (far right) and his friends

Many people believe that Michigan winters last too long. There’s also that group of people who grieve the passing of the winter season and they can’t wait to hit the slopes one last time, or the trails for one last cross country ski tour or snowshoe session.

Find a Winter Sport to Love

The key to enjoying winter is to find a sport or activity that gets you outside and teaches you how to appreciate the snow. Believe it or not, wintertime is not a time for hibernation. You can stay physically active as you would during any other Michigan season once you find an activity you enjoy.

I believe you’ll find that outdoor winter activities will help you maintain a desirable weight, or even assist you in losing weight as you continue your 2011 fitness goals.

Use the Snow to Get Fit

Check out this example:

So, a 175-pound person who is walking for exercise (5.6 km/h) will burn 301 calories in 60 minutes. That same person will burn 635 calories while snowshoeing in 60 minutes, doubling the amount of calories burned during simple fitness walking. Add a set of hiking poles, incorporating your upper body, and you can conservatively add another 10% to your caloric output. Use this Activity Calorie Burn Rate Calculator – it’s really interesting.

So as the snow flies for the final time this winter, take the time to get outdoors and enjoy the season. I guarantee that you will look forward to the snow returning next winter, especially if you have found an activity like snowshoeing, cross country skiing or downhill sports to spark your passion for Michigan’s winter.



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