Meet LaTonya Baldwin: Guest Blogger, Weight Loss Champion

LaTonya head to toeBlue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan employee LaTonya Baldwin likes to share her weight-loss journey and efforts to improve her health and blood pressure. LaTonya has already lost 26 pounds, which has led to measurable improvements in her blood pressure, while keeping her away from other chronic conditions that run in her family, like diabetes.

Learn about the changes LaTonya has made to help her achieve her fitness goals and how participating in online communities has contributed to her success as she blogs here on A Healthier Michigan.

LaTonya even started a group with her colleagues to help motivate one another called the “First Fridays Fit Club.” This was an opportunity for peers to support one another and exchange ideas to help with weight loss goals and a healthier lifestyle. LaTonya now participates in Weight Watchers to help support her weight loss journey. She’d like to lose 15 more pounds.

LaTonya discusses the First Fridays Fit Club in the video below:

We welcome LaTonya as a guest blogger on A Healthier Michigan. She will inspire and motivate and we will continue to support her towards her healthier lifestyle.


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