Dear MTV, I Used to be Fat, Too

A Tale of Two Jeans: Jodi Davis' favorite pair of jeans before and after her weight loss transformation

I truly enjoy watching shows about weight-loss transformations, and until recently I didn’t realize that MTV has a new weight-loss reality show called I Used To Be Fat. This show comes from the producers of NBC’s The Biggest Loser, one of my favorite shows on television, so I immediately assumed I would enjoy it. I assumed correctly, I do like it… but I will admit that I can’t watch an entire episode without a box of tissues by my side.

The documentary series follows teens during the summer after high school as they sweat it out to lose weight and transform themselves before entering college. The teens featured in this reality docu-series are truly desperate to shed their extra pounds, most hoping to lose at least 100 pounds or more.

As I view this show I often see myself when I was an overweight teenager back in the 80s, a time when reality shows didn’t exist but the pain of being overweight sure did. I know if this MTV documentary series aired back then, you would have found me signing up to be on the show faster than you could blink an eye.

Sadly, it didn’t exist in the 80s, but I’m pleased to know that it’s here now, inspiring countless overweight individuals throughout the country. I know it is inspiring people here in Michigan, which brings me to my very favorite episode of I Used To Be Fat. This one focuses on the life of Kirsten Selley from Flint and her trainer, Jimi Varner from Novi.

Jimi declares that in 96 days, he will change Kirsten’s life and get her ready for college. He explains that she will need to give up her summer, but in return, he will give Kirsten her life back. He made the comment that many people are willing to live with sickness because it “tastes good.” When he said those words, it made me realize that was once my attitude.

I can honestly say that my mentality has changed completely since then. I now know that good health and being fit tastes even better, but millions of Americans haven’t got that yet.

I know Kirsten is on her way! When she first weighed herself, she mentioned that the scale represents a black hole. She weighed in at 263 pounds on day one and is hoping to lose 100 lbs. Kirsten is slowly learning to “like” her scale as she saw that she had lost 9 pounds in one week!

Kirsten has many obstacles to overcome, but I know she can succeed! I’ll be focusing on her story again in the near future; but in the meantime, do you have any comments about the show or Kirsten’s story? I’d love to hear them!



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