You Only Have One Body: Make it Last a Lifetime

What would you do if you were only allowed to own one vehicle? And, what if this vehicle would be the only one that you would ever own during your entire lifetime?

Sorry, but you wouldn’t be allowed to borrow any other vehicle either, not even for a day. All necessary repairs to your vehicle would be allowed; you could purchase any item to improve its appearance, but only if and when you could afford the work. You could maybe have new tires installed or paint your vehicle a new color, but you couldn’t trade it in or buy a different one. This one vehicle would be all you would be allowed to own, so it would be up to you to make it last a lifetime.

And if your vehicle was supposed to last you for a lifetime, how do you suppose you’d care for the engine? Would you ignore it if it was making funny noises and just hope that the noise would soon stop? Would you make the necessary repairs by using the cheapest replacement parts and hope for the best?

Would you check the oil only after the engine light comes on, and then pour in the least-expensive oil that you could find, not caring whether or not it’s the oil that your vehicle takes? I’m assuming that you wouldn’t do any of those things because you would consider the consequences … and you just couldn’t imagine not having a vehicle in the future, right?

Owning only one vehicle for your entire life is hard to imagine, so I can assume that your immediate response is, “no way.”

I totally understand if you feel this way because we presume our lifetime will last for several decades which is a long time to keep a vehicle in good, working condition. In order for this to happen we would need to take great care of our one-and-only vehicle – there’s no doubt about that.

Now I want to ask you this: Do you feel you need to take great care of your one-and-only body that you were given, which has to last your entire lifetime?

I have found that so many people don’t realize our bodies are more important than any vehicle we could ever own. Our body’s engine will not work correctly if we continuously eat junk in just the same way a vehicle’s engine won’t. But for some reason many people take better care of their vehicles than they take care of their body.

These individuals must know that a vehicle is replaceable, but a body is not. The one you have must last a lifetime – that is a fact.

I’m asking you to please start focusing more on your body and realizing that it is the only one you are given. You need to take care of it! Nourish your body with healthy and wholesome foods. Exercise your body, allowing at least 30 minutes per day to move and stay physically active. It’s time to put your body first on your list of priorities. Your vehicle can be replaced; you cannot.

Please, take great care of your one-and-only body so it can last a long lifetime.

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