Can the Angriest City in the Country Break the Record for World’s Largest Group Hug?

Just as Detroit is really beginning to change its reputation and collective self-perception, at a time when everyone is still buzzing about Eminem and Chrysler teaming up to show Detroit as a beautiful, relevant, proud place in last weekend’s Super Bowl ad; Men’s Health magazine decides to crown Detroit as the country’s Angriest City. Well grrrrrr.

I like to think we’re about as nice as anyone else, but Detroit-bashing doesn’t go over so well in these parts or with any Detroit ex-pats I know who happen to be living in various locations throughout the country. Most of us would rather celebrate the recent study showing Detroit as the fastest growing area for tech jobs, but I digress.

Fightin’ Words

In a smiling retort, Detroit’s ABC affiliate, WXYZ put together a ‘happy list‘ of links that should make us all warm and fuzzy about Michigan’s largest city:

1. Model D – A website dedicated to what’s new and hot in the city.

2. Lemonade: Detroit – Details on the disarming resilience of those who are moving Detroit beyond automobiles into an era of entrepreneurism.

3. Detroit2020 – WXYZ-TV’s look at the people who are helping Detroit become more unified and inspired so that we can act on the problems facing the area.

4. Detroit Moxie – An exploration of the city by a Detroiter who came back to the city she calls home after spending more than a decade away.

5. I Am Young Detroit – a movement that highlights Detroit’s young Doers, Creatives, Entrepreneurs, and Leaders under 40.

*Disclosure: A Healthier Michigan is sponsored by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan — one of the sponsors of the Lemonade: Detroit documentary.

Don’t get mad, Give Hugs!

Maybe it was fate, or just a coincidence that the Inside Detroit Tours group also happens to be inviting everyone together during the Motown Winter Blast at Campus Martius in Detroit at 7 p.m. to break the world record for the largest group hug.

What a great way for Detroit to show the world how happy we really are. Say it loud, say it proud: I give hugs in the D!

More information about joining the world’s largest group hug.



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