If I Can Lose Weight So Can You, But First You Must Believe

Me, Jodi, Before my Weight Loss

If I could give one gift to every person who has ever struggled with their weight, it would be hope. To me, giving hope to an overweight individual is allowing them to truly believe that their desire to lose weight will be fulfilled.

The Difference Between Hope and a Wish

When I was a person who struggled with my own weight issues, I was constantly striving to have hope. But hoping for something isn’t the same as “having hope.” For years I was always hoping to lose weight in the same way a child wishes for extraordinary things. Children often hope to own a horse or that their parents would buy them a brand new car. Hoping in this case is basically another word for wishing.

To have hope is to truly believe something WILL happen. How can I give that hope to you? I can share my experience with you so you know that a successful weight loss is a reality. Losing weight is not something that you continually wish for. Have hope and thus, it will happen. With healthy weight loss, hope is the thing that gives you the strength to keep doing the right things for your health, day in day out.

Sharing my experience. I was overweight for twenty-five years beginning at the age of ten. During those years, I tried every diet known to mankind, or so it seemed, and never lost the weight I wished to lose. If I did shed a few pounds on a fad diet, I’d gain the weight back once I started eating normal again, soon weighing more than I did before my diet began. I didn’t exercise because I didn’t believe that it worked; and to be honest here, I was morbidly obese and exercise was the last thing I wanted to do! I blamed my obesity on heredity and bad luck.

My Wake-Up Call

In November of 2000, I attended a funeral of a mother who was in her 40s – her death was caused by an obesity-related issue. That day, I faced the fact that I had to quit hoping and wishing to lose weight, I had to get real about it and do something. That something was to start living healthier.

Finding the Inspiration to Have Real Hope

Me, Jodi, 10 Years After I Decided to Start Living a Healthy Lifestyle

Now many people can say that living a healthy lifestyle is easy to do, but to a person who loves to eat and refused to exercise, it’s not. It took almost 2 months to believe I could live a healthy lifestyle and to have the hope that I needed. It helped to locate people I personally knew who had lost a large amount of weight. Sorry, but the individuals appearing on television advertisements claiming they found the miracle cure to weight loss just didn’t cut it. I needed to find examples of people who were real – average and typical people.

After contacting a few local individuals who had lost over 100 pounds, I learned of the many reasons why they were so successful. One that they all had in common: they believed they could succeed because they had found hope in someone else.

They continuously reminded themselves: “If they can do it, so can I!” and it worked for them.

I told myself the same thing, “If they can do it, so can I!”

Lo and behold: 162 pounds of excess weight – gone for good! Let me be your someone else.

I am now giving the gift of HOPE to you. Take it and ENJOY THE WEIGHT LOSS JOURNEY!


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