Getting Past Perfection to Achieve Your Healthy Weight

You’ve heard the quote “Nobody is perfect!” I’ve said it several times throughout my lifetime, most often when I make a simple mistake or forget something. I’ll silently laugh at my error and move on, knowing that there will days to come in the future when I’ll make another, always accepting that it’s just part of life.

But, there’s another aspect of perfection that focuses on appearance, and I’ll admit that when I was morbidly obese, I would wish to look just that way: perfect. But now that I’ve lost my weight, I realize that it is literally IMPOSSIBLE to have a perfect appearance!

The Terrible Myth of Perfection

Does a perfect appearance even exist? No, I mean, how can it? First of all, we have to realize that all of us have our own opinions, and my opinion differs from millions of other people’s opinions – we will NEVER all agree on any one opinion, that is a fact. There is no human being on earth who ultimately decides what a “perfect appearance” is. Perfection is simply a myth.

Perfection just does NOT exist, especially in human appearance. Many people who struggle with eating, weight and body image spend excessive amounts of energy trying to change their appearance, and sadly they will put their lives on hold waiting to be thin. If this sounds too familiar to you, I want you to end this way of living and try a different, more positive method – please?

Instead of trying to meet this “perfect appearance” standard and putting your life on hold, I want you to begin today, RIGHT NOW, and start focusing on how special you truly are.

Healthy Change Starts With Caring for Yourself

As we celebrate Healthy Weight Week, I want you to accept the place you are on your life’s journey and enjoy it! I want you to:

  • Recognize that beauty, health and strength come in all sizes.
  • Your body is okay. Your size is okay.
  • Be size positive.
  • Dress for success.
  • Be content with what you have.
  • Keep a gratitude journal.
  • Learn and practice relaxation techniques.
  • Choose self-care.
  • Live assertively.
  • Strengthen your social support.
  • Shape a healthy balance.

* To read more on the above, visit the Healthy Weight Week website.

It may take a little time, but I want you to focus on truly becoming comfortable with the real you, inside and out! Accept your shape, your size, your feelings, yourself, unconditionally. Honor your character, talents and achievements… I do!

You can do this, that is one thing I’m PERFECTLY sure of!

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