Five Ways Technology can Help You Achieve and Maintain Your Ideal Weight


Although most of us associate sitting at a computer all day with a sedentary lifestyle, there are a lot of solutions out there that help you use technology to support your healthy lifestyle. There are many ways technology can actually help you stay on track as you seek to accomplish your weight loss, fitness and other health goals. This includes everything from journaling to workout programs, social support from others with similar goals and challenges and gadgets that automatically track your activity and progress.

Online Journaling

Journaling is by far one of the most important things aperson can do when they are trying to lose or maintain their weight. Keeping track of daily progress through calories and activity is a great way to keep a person accountable for their actions (remember, journaling will only help as long as you track everything you eat and include all of your activity). Track your meals and workouts with some great resources for on-line journaling (these sites are all good and similar, it just depends on your personal preference and style)

Free Online Publications

Magazine subscriptions can get expensive if you wanted to purchase a magazine for every topic you were interested in reading about. Technology has saved us from that cost as well as being eco-friendly and saving the paper printed on magazines (I am not bashing on magazines, I just really  like this as an option for a majority of my reading). A lot of these on-line resources also have videos on particular topics, workouts or exercises. I think that is a nice alternative than reading everything, you can give your eyes a bit of a break and listen.

You can get workouts and healthy recipes from these resources (you do not have to buy an on-line subscription to access this information):

Social Support from Health Experts and Peers

Most of the websites I mentioned in Online Journaling section above have the ability for individuals to ask health and wellness experts questions regarding a particular topic. A lot of these sites have daily blogs, tips and resources.

You can always ask me a question right here on A Healthier Michigan in the comments and I will answer.

Another nice part of a lot of these websites, is that you join a community of others that are working toward a common goal like yourself. Within that social group, people share tips on what may or  may not have worked for them, their spin on a certain recipe or workout and again, that overall support. These people can be the support givers, takers or both, it can be that unique of an experience for each person.

Weight Loss Gadgets

The word gadget to me means money and sometimes, lots of it. It holds true with maintaining or losing weight as well. Some of these techy gadgets I found are pretty cool if you don’t mind making an investment:

  • Fitbit is a device that can be worn discretely and calculates how many steps a person takes, how many calories are burned, distance travelled and quality of sleep. This device is will sync with your computer and also update wirelessly when you walk by the base station.
  • BodyBugg is a similar device to Fitbit that is worn on the upper arm. It tracks the amount of calories burned vs. calories consumed and keeps a daily record of the results. This is also paired with a web-based program.
  • Mobile Apps: There are thousand of apps out there, including some that are free. Mashable, an online social media guide highlighted the Top 10 Free iPhone Apps to Lose Weight, yes FREE!

Active Video Games

Finally let’s have some fun while burning those calories! There are so many choices out there now that get us up off the couch so we can play with our kids. If your kids, grandkids, nieces,nephews, cousins etc. have any type of video game that gets you moving, I challenge you to get off the couch and take the time to play with them.

In addition to the games that get you up off the couch, one mid-Michigan teen actually lost more than 150 pounds by developing a plan for himself inspired by his love of video games. Don’t be afraid to use what works for you.

Tracking Your Progress Towards a Healthy Weight

As Healthy Weight Week continues, our team will be focusing on things that can help you stay motivated toward achieving your healthy weight. If you have questions or a favorite technology solution you like to use to maintain your healthy lifestyle, please let us know in the comments.

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