Step Into Your Healthy Lifestyle and Stop Dieting for Good

Jodi Davis' before and after jeans
Jodi Davis’ Jeans Before and After her Healthy Lifestyle Change

Why do we diet? Before you allow the obvious answer for that question to come to mind, I want you to really focus on that question for a moment. Of course I’m assuming your immediate response is the same as the majority of the individuals answering it: We diet to lose weight, right? But, this isn’t the answer I’m looking for today.

If I rephrase the question and ask, “Why do we DIET to lose weight?” Ninety-nine percent of the time a diet doesn’t give us the results we are looking for, yet we try it over and over, and over again.

I believe we diet because when we’re overweight we feel obligated to diet. It’s really that simple.

Get Healthy, Stop Dieting

Recent Picture of Jodi Davis 10 Years Since her Healthy Lifestyle Change
Recent Picture of Jodi Davis 10 Years Since her Healthy Lifestyle Change

Being overweight for years, I knew dieting was expected of me. This is basically true for most overweight individuals. If you are not thin and trim like society expects you to be, then you feel you must continue to diet until you achieve that status. And so we do, often following one of the latest fad diets, hoping to lose our excess weight. Each time a new diet is attempted, we feel in our hearts that this is THE ONE, the magic diet that will give everlasting, weight-loss results… after all, that is what the advertisement claims!

But low and behold, once again the special diet doesn’t bring us the results we wish for; but, for some unknown reason we are eagerly anticipating the next diet as we again hope for the miraculous cure to fix all of our weight issues. It’s almost like we are afraid to try something else because that means we’ll have to step out of our diet comfort zone – even though that comfort zone of DIETING never seems to bring much comfort at all. Please take a look at these Top 10 Reasons Not to Diet [PDF], and you’ll see what I mean.

Healthy Weight Week Continues

Jodi Davis at Size 24 BEFORE
Jodi Davis Before her Healthy Lifestyle Change at Size 24

That is why it is time to celebrate healthy weight week and face the true, hard facts that diets do not work. It is NOT expected of you – you are not supposed to diet even if society has led you to believe that dieting is your only answer. I thought it was my only answer, too. I then looked back at 25 years of my life and thought about this: if dieting was the answer, then why had I become morbidly obese?

Diets are NOT the answer, but I know what is: living healthier by becoming active, which to me meant walking every day for 1.5 miles and eating sensibly. By sensibly, I mean consuming three healthy meals per day and keeping a positive “don’t worry, I’ll get there someday” attitude.

I knew if I focused on eating right and staying active every day, I would lose my excess 162 lbs… someday! And I did get there 16 months later.

I stepped out of the diet comfort zone and stepped INTO a healthy lifestyle – and SO CAN YOU!


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