Help me Celebrate Healthy Weight Week: Take Your First Step Towards a Healthy Lifestyle

What perfect timing! I say that because this week, January 16 – 22, is the 18th Annual Healthy Weight Week, a week that marks the time to stop the dieting for good! It’s perfect timing for me because on Saturday, January 22, I will be CELEBRATING my 10-YEAR anniversary. This is the exact day when I personally ended my dieting, forever and adopted the healthy lifestyle I still live today!

After twenty-five years of enduring severe weight issues, going from a young, overweight fifth-grade student to a 300 pound, morbidly-obese mother of three, I made the decision on January 22, 2001 that I would never, EVER go on any type of diet again. As far as I was concerned, my numerous diet attempts caused my obesity instead of curing it.

I was finished with the dieting, finished with the failure, finished with the annual broken New Year’s resolutions … I was ready to “normalize” my life and move ahead with healthy habits that I could live with long term. They were going to be reasonable, sensible, and practical habits that I would not dread on a daily basis. I was determined to make them enjoyable.

Healthy Weight Week: My Surprising Coincidence

I was ready to eat well, live an active life and feel good about me. Even though ten years ago when I made this declaration, I had no clue it was Healthy Weight Week, I knew I wanted to live a long life… and obesity could prevent that from happening!

After looking at myself in the mirror, I took some time to ask myself why I had never succeeded at losing my excess weight after 25 years then I answered my own question: diets always end. It was simple to realize that a healthy lifestyle is something that lasts… there is NO END!

How true that is, I’ve been living my non-diet, healthy lifestyle for 10 years! I have normalized my life and I’ve enjoyed every moment.

Please allow this Healthy Weight Week to inspire you to do the same: STOP the dieting for good and celebrate healthy living! I invite you to celebrate my 10-year anniversary with me by taking that first step today. Literally. Stay active by WALKING DAILY and move ahead towards healthy habits you can live with every day of your life!

You deserve it, really you do!

Photo Credit: Brett Lohmeyer


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