How to Salvage Your Broken New Year’s Resolutions

Save your new years resolutionI’m hoping your healthy New Year’s Resolutions haven’t been broken, but if they have, it’s okay because today is a new day! I say that because it’s very common for people to break a New Year’s Resolution, especially if it’s one that was just too drastic. It’s not the end of the world, so don’t be too hard on yourself. Instead, try again.

Do you dread the New Year’s Resolution you set for yourself?

If you dread your resolution, maybe you can change it just a little bit rather than giving up for good. Make it easier to follow, which will allow you to stay on track. Remember, my goal is to help YOU become a healthier person.

Back when I was unhealthy and morbidly obese, my resolutions only ever lasted for about a week or two. Basically, I set the bar too high and wasn’t realistic. I would claim I was going to lose all my excess weight by summer. Mind you, my excess weight at that time was more than 150 pounds.

Now we all know it didn’t take just six months to gain all of that extra weight, so there was no way I was going to lose it that fast.

Destined to be fat?

If I didn’t lose 15 pounds a week (even though I wasn’t eating enough to keep a bird alive), I would figure I was just meant to be fat. Then I would feel sorry for myself and give up on another New Year’s resolution, making sure to consume all the food I missed out on during that week of dieting. Well, with age comes wisdom, and oh boy, I sure learned a lot since then!

Success doesn’t come with just a resolution, success comes from an attitude – and it doesn’t matter what time of year it’s made! I began my lifestyle change on January 22, 2001; yes, more than 10 years ago and obviously it wasn’t set on New Year’s Day. My attitude was a positive one and I accepted that my goal was going to take time. I not only had to change my eating habits, but focus on something that I dreaded: exercise.

I have gone over this before, but I need to go over it again. Exercise was the key to my weight loss success. Sure, I made healthier food choices, but I tried that many times before during my 25 years of dieting and I never saw any significant results. Only when I began to exercise daily did I notice pounds melting away.

Walking was my dread-free exercise.

If you are overweight, maybe even morbidly obese like I was, you probably hate the word exercise just as much as I did. That is why I decided to walk every day. I didn’t have to be seen in public wearing tight-fitting spandex, I didn’t have go to gym, I didn’t have to purchase any special equipment, I didn’t have to pay any fees and I wasn’t embarrassed to do it.

Plus, my dog loved it. This was our time, we both went outdoors to get some fresh air and walk away our weight.

I didn’t dread this time of day because it was very do-able, and it was easy to follow:

  1. Tie on athletic shoes
  2. Fasten dog’s leash
  3. Add any layers needed for weather
  4. Walk for 22 minutes/3,000 steps at a brisk pace
  5. Keep a positive I-can-do-this mindset
  6. Return home

I made my exercise routine easy to follow so I could stay on track and keep a successful attitude.

Getting back on track means right-sizing your expectations.

Now, back to the New Year’s resolution that you set for yourself. Do you have the attitude to go along with it to bring you success? Really think about that.

If you want it, you need to find the attitude to allow it to happen. And it doesn’t matter what day or month of the year it is. I just want you to improve your health. If you already broke your resolution, don’t give up, just ease up. I truly believe in my heart that you can do this … try again!



Photo Credit: John Liu



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