National Nutrition Month and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan’s Commitment to Better Health

The month of March will serve as a reminder for us all to eat foods that do our bodies good.

Eat Real Foods

National Nutrition Month is about nutrition education and this year, the focus is on eating colorful, vitamin-rich foods. The American Dietetic Association created this annual celebration that focuses on eating right, but also reminds us to include physical activity into our lives.

We all know that a healthy diet and exercise go hand in hand.

The Cost of Care

At Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, our mission is to provide everyone with access to quality health care. Part of that mission is to provide our members with the tools that help them live healthier lives. Some ways we do that is through our:

Healthy People Means Lower Costs

The health of every BCBSM member and Michigan resident is important to the Blues. We all know that the healthier people are, the less health care costs for all of us.

What does National Nutrition Month mean to you?

Photo Credit: John McGovern

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