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Are Boot Camp Workouts as Healthy as They Seem?

Fitness boot camps are popular—and for good reason. The tough, military-inspired workouts, which tend to focus on minimal equipment, classic moves and bursts of high intensity, can burn up to 400 calories in 40 minutes while also strengthening muscles. All…


Winterize Your Workout: Learn to Love Exercising Indoors

In the springtime, exercisers across Michigan hang up their gym passes and take their cardio outside. But this time of year, the migration moves the opposite way. Cooler weather and fewer hours of sunlight mean that once again it’s time…


You too can become a morning exerciser!

You don’t have to be a natural early bird to start up a morning exercise routine. But you do have to accept one thing: It’s not necessarily going to be easy to crawl out from under your blanket an hour…


Your daily workout in four minutes flat

All too often, we feel forced to sacrifice our trips to the gym to make time for career, family and friends. But we know regular exercise is vital to our physical and emotional well being. As a result, we’re constantly…


Make fitness a game kids will play on their own

Nearly one in three 10- to 17-year-olds in Michigan are overweight or obese, enough kids to fill Ford Field to full capacity almost seven times.  Though it’s easy to place full responsibility on parents, they can only do so much. …

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A reminder of just how good walking is for our health

“Sometimes we all need a simple reminder of just how good walking is for our health.” That was one of the comments made to me by an individual I met during a conference held earlier this month at the Walter…


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Full body functional exercises: functional lunges (with video)

Functional lunges are a great way to get a full body workout, and have many different variations to stress on different muscle groups. Your core, however, is the main focus no matter which variation you choose. The workout can be…


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Full body functional exercises: Turkish get-ups (with video)

The Turkish get-up is great full body functional exercise which does not require a lot of space, and gives you the option whether you want to use weights or not. The get-up works your core, back, legs and arms. It…


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Full body functional exercises: burpees (with video)

A burpee is an easy exercise and can be done in almost any location because it involves no workout equipment and only requires a small amount of space. Burpees workout your entire body and are great for building strength and…