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Don’t Bug Me: Herbal Spray and Bite Remedies

A “Pure Michigan” summertime is made up of camping trips, picnics, and summers by the lakeshore surrounded by family and friends. But usually unwelcome visitors to the festivities include the pesky mosquitos, ticks and spiders – unavoidable in our forests…

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The Health Benefits of Michigan Summer Berries

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and I’m not talking about the holidays. I am talking about Michigan’s summer berry season. The trees are in full bloom, the weather is warm and the berries are ready for picking!…


5 Reasons Why Therapy Can Be Good For You

  Diminishing the stigma surrounding mental health has come a long way, but many still mistakenly believe that therapy is saved solely for patients with severe mental illness. In the same way you do not need to be in poor…

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Free Detroit Riverfront Summer Events Roundup

The Detroit riverfront is one of the most exciting, fluid spaces in the city of Detroit. Whether you enjoy running or biking, fishing or sunbathing, yoga or tai chi; the riverfront has something for everyone! Along with annual events like…

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Could Forgiveness Improve Your Health?

Carrying around mental baggage from past slights and grievances could literally be making you sick, according to Reverend Dr. Michael Barry. “A lot of us drag around a lot of stuff,” he said. Barry is an ordained pastor who joined…

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Finding Your Qi: Tai Chi for Beginners

“Come as you are, do what you can, and have fun while you’re here,” says exercise physiologist Michelle Moten, founder and program director of Urban Solace Mind-Body Studio, a division of the Urban Wellness Group located in Detroit. Tai chi has…

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Difficulty Sleeping Through the Night? Don’t Brush It Off: It Could Be Sleep Apnea

Going to sleep at the end of the day should be like taking a deep breath of fresh air; immensely rejuvenating. I know that after a long work day, I’m ready to shut off the lights and get right to…


Trend Alert: Workplace Wellness Incentives that Actually Work

Promoting wellness at work is a wonderful idea, but it takes more than a few “Don’t forget your veggies!” posters in the cafeteria to be effective. That’s why, instead of simply encouraging employees to take the stairs instead of the…

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Are you in control of your health? Take charge during Men’s Health Month

June is Men’s Health Month which includes the 20th anniversary of Men’s Health Week. That means it’s time to make sure that the guys in your life are well, and committed to healthy habits. From diet and exercise, to general…

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