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Starting Zumba? Here are Tips from Women Who Were Once in Your Gym Shoes

If you’re anything like the ladies gathered at Southwest Detroit’s CHASS Center for free Zumba classes, you should know that Zumba is one of the most fun alternatives you’ll find for boring cardio routines. During my last visit to the…


Cooking Contest Win Caps Year of Healthy Changes for Grand Rapids Man

When tests revealed high blood sugar levels, Kevin Adams knew he had to make some changes. The 48-year-old Grand Rapids resident had watched diabetes impact his father’s life and he didn’t want to go down the same path. His health…


Lansing Community Joins Together to Lose a Million

One million. It’s a big number that’s inspiring some mid-Michigan residents to get active and focus on their health. In his State of the City address at the end of January, Lansing Mayor Virg Bernero officially kicked off Lansing Loses…



Listen: One Family’s Motivating Journey to Wellness

For Sidney Edmonds, a mom in Big Rapids, getting her son, Zach, healthy was not an easy process, but worth every effort. As a young boy Zach was thin and active. However, as he got older and more into Xbox and…

Not So Fast: The Science Behind Skipping Meals

Many diets focus on what you should eat for your meals, but there’s actually a diet that’s all about skipping meals entirely. It’s called intermittent fasting (IF) and it’s one of the hottest new trends in weight-loss eating plans. In…


Mid-Michigan: Get Ready to Move With the Winter Warm Up, Featuring the Blues Community Challenge

Getting mid-Michigan residents moving and “choosing health” is the goal of the 2015 Winter Warm Up. Community Partners in Health of Lansing (CPHLansing) is presenting the free eight-week program, which is sponsored in part by Blue Cross Blue Shield of…



Your new weight-loss tool can be found on your smartphone

Social media sites like Instagram and Twitter aren’t just great ways to keep in touch with friends and family, they can also supply exactly the support, instruction and inspiration you need if you’re trying to work out more, eat healthier…


Burning fat vs. burning calories – what’s the difference?

Torch calories, burn fat…you hear these buzz words mentioned all the time in regards to weight-loss plans and devices. They seem to be used almost interchangeably, but there is a slight difference between burning fat and burning calories. And it’s…


How to lose weight without going hungry

So you’ve committed to losing weight. Good for you! While your initial reflex may be to cut way back on food, that will just make you hungry and lead to you ultimately giving up and quitting your efforts all together….