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5 healthy habits of naturally slim people

It can seem like some people are born thin and willowy while others are forced to struggle with their weight their whole lives. If you wish you were in the former group, know that while some of it is genetics,…


A scale that will make you love your weigh-in sessions

It’s a rare person who enjoys stepping on a scale and seeing his or her weight staring back up at him or her. Part of that is because it can seem like the number goes up or down from day…

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Howl off the weight? The Werewolf Diet goes mainstream

A diet that combines amazing weight-loss promises (six pounds in 24 hours!) with Hollywood fans (Madonna and Demi Moore swear by it!) can sometimes sound too good to be true. So when we heard those things about “The Werewolf Diet,”…



Best blogs of 2013: Slightly less food and slightly more movement for weight loss

This motivating story ran April 8th. It was about the simple steps one man took to lose more than 100 pounds and was inspiring for anyone with some weight to lose. Ask any person who has lost weight successfully how…


Fearful of the coming holiday gluttony? Why not try a running streak?

Update: 8 things I learned from my holiday run streak If my math is correct, this year there are 35 days between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day — a period defined by the terrifying gluttony of rich holiday meals, office parties…


Simple app for tracking nutrients

Developed by the Obesity Policy Coalition in an attempt to raise awareness on what people are putting into their bodies to avoid obesity and promote better health, the Traffic Light Food Tracker app is a simple way to start paying…



“Because of you …” The 170 pound weight-loss that created that statement

Today’s post is special to me. It’s about helping someone; in fact, it is more about changing a person’s life. If a person fell into deep water, we would do whatever we could to keep them from drowning. We would help…


A “Second Chance” for NBC’s Biggest Losers this season!

Fifteen individuals will begin their weight loss journey this evening; it’s my plan to witness each one of them doing so.  Tonight is the season premiere of Season 15 of NBC’s hit reality show The Biggest Loser.  I’ll definitely be watching….


Full body functional exercises: push-up variations (with video)

Push-ups are a great workout because they build strength in many areas of the body especially the forearms, shoulders, back and chest. Push-ups are also great for pushing your body a little hard than it is used to, which will…





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