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What you need to know about Type II Diabetes

What if I told you there is a disease that afflicts nearly 25 million Americans and this disease leads to blindness, kidney and nerve disorders, and even limb amputation. What if I told you that nearly one-quarter of those who…

Recent Study: How Coffee Drinking May Fight Off Prostate Cancer

That’s right, men: top off that cup of java because it really is good for you.  The study by the Harvard School of Public Health indicates that drinking coffee reduces the risk of prostate cancer amongst men. And the more coffee you…


Diabetes and Cycling: Can You Really Bike Your Way To Wellness?

This guest post is from Jon Stanton of Lansing, Mich. After being diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, Stanton lost 230 pounds by adopting a healthy diet and walking every day. Got diabetes? Grab a bike. In fact, according to some…

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