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4 Easy Steps to Stay Healthy During Holiday Travel

Traveling this time of year should be more about catching your flight than catching a cold or the flu. And a little preparation before you head to the airport will go a long way in helping you keep your defenses…

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50 reasons why Michigan is foodie paradise

Michigan is one of the culinary capitals of the United States. Surprised? You shouldn’t be! Here are 50 reasons why our state is the best state for great food and drink: Grand Rapids was named Lonely Planet’s top travel destination…

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Holiday ‘well’ wishes: Spread flu awareness, not the flu, when traveling

The holiday season is here! For many, this time of year means traveling to get together with family and friends whom we may not see often. You may be traveling by car, train or plane, but do you know to protect yourself…

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Traverse Traveler app

Michigan, the Great App State

There’s an app for that. A part of our daily jargon, that phrase has become an integral part of our tech-centered world. From an app that calls you when your baby wakes up in the next room (seriously) to an…

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Gotta get that exercise in.

You can still workout when you travel

Traveling and exercise are two words that don’t usually go together. Don’t worry there is a way to squeeze it in. Remember even when you are on the road, it shouldn’t be a vacation from a healthy lifestyle. Here are…


Studying Abroad This Fall? Take This Easy Step to Stay Healthy

Studying abroad allows opportunities to meet new people, see exotic lands and experience new cultures, but the most important thing about traveling is your safety. If you are a college student who’s planning to go abroad for the upcoming fall…

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