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Healthy Takes on Classic Holiday Dishes

The holidays bring families together to enjoy each other’s company over big, hearty meals. But all of those high-calorie platefuls of food can take a toll on your health. The good news is that the holidays don’t have to be…


Recipes to Help You Elevate Your Cranberry Game This Thanksgiving

Turkey without cranberries? Unthinkable! If your holiday celebration side dish comes out of a can, however, we’d like you to consider going fresh this year. While the rings from the can are certainly decorative, this delicious cranberry fruit relish and…



#MIKidsCan Turkey Day VIP: Conner Smith

  Instead of tuning in to watch America’s Thanksgiving Parade floats make their way down Woodward Avenue this Thanksgiving, 10-year-old Conner Smith will get to ride on one. The Commerce Township resident will also deliver the commemorative game ball to Ford Field, participate…

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Thanksgiving in Detroit: A Behind the Scenes Look

Each November, Detroit takes the national stage as the Motor City plays host to America’s Thanksgiving Parade® presented by Art Van. The event has been part of Detroit’s history for 89 years. But just what does it take to put on this…

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How to Tweak Holiday Favorites to Become Meat-, Dairy- or Gluten-Free

Hosting family for the holidays is stressful enough without having to make separate dishes for everyone who has a dietary restriction. But that doesn’t mean you need to be a Grinch about accommodating your guests. With a few simple tweaks,…


4 Must-Try Nontraditional Thanksgiving Dishes

Turkey has been a staple of Thanksgiving dinner for hundreds of years, but the meals have come a long way since the 1600s when wildfowl, porridge and venison were served. Today, dishes such as cranberry sauce, green bean casserole and…


Your Low-Cost, Low-Stress Guide to Thanksgiving Dinner

From buying the turkey and all the fixings to the holiday decorations, Thanksgiving can leave you feeling frazzled. Take the following steps and you’ll feel so good afterwards you might just offer to host again next year! Use every savings…


Start a New, Healthier Thanksgiving Tradition

Sure it’s a holiday that’s all about family and food, but what if you devoted a little bit of Thanksgiving to fitness as well? Thanks to turkey trots around the state, it couldn’t be easier to sneak some exercise into…


Turkey: Take two! Beyond boring leftovers

Once all the company leaves, the dishes are washed, and the wishbone has been broken, you’re probably going to be faced with an abundance of Thanksgiving leftovers.  Don’t just throw them on a plate and microwave them – get a…