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Tips for Dealing with Difficult People at Work

We’ve all had experiences getting along better with some co-workers than others. But what happens when a person’s attitude or behavior starts to drive you crazy at work? Common behaviors of difficult people in the workplace include: Constantly being on their cell…

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Feeling Stressed, Inflexible or Less Strong Than You’d Like? Try This Form of Martial Arts

When you hear the phrase “martial arts,” you probably picture a scene from a Bruce Lee movie where he single-handedly deals with a room full of bad guys and comes out victorious. But there’s one form of martial arts that…


The Benefits of Taking a Mental Health Day

The fatigue has set in—it’s Wednesday and you’re mentally and physically exhausted. Email notifications keep flashing on your desktop screen, your phone is ringing and you barely have the energy to pick it up. You may need a mental health…

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A Surprising New Connection Between Exercise and Mood

Much has been said about how working out is a great way to feel happier, but the focus is usually on endorphins. Whenever you exercise, your body boosts production of endorphins, which are a neurotransmitter linked to feeling good. That’s…

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The High-Tech Way to Become Way Less Stressed

In our fast-paced society, it’s inevitable to feel stressed out every now and then. But if that happens too often, you could be doing your mental and physical health a lot of harm. That’s why it’s so important to cut down…

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Break Free From the Stressed-Out, Not-Sleeping Cycle

Stress can really do a number on all sorts of things: your immune system, your weight and even your sleep. Think about how impossible it is to wind down and relax in the evening when all you’re thinking about is work…

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Do you have Generalized Anxiety Disorder?

Life is stressful and everyone worries from time to time. How could you not! You care about your work, family, friends and more, and certain situations or fears might keep you up at night. However, in some people, these seemingly…

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Staying sane in the face of it all

I love my job here at BCBSM. Every day is different and I often get out of the office to see and do some pretty cool stuff. It’s still a lot of work though. Before any of that I’m a…

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Attention all students: It’s time to chill out a little

We’ve all been there: the pressure to meet a deadline, finish the work that has been piling up on your desk and make it to all six meetings today. Oh, and don’t forget to eat, sleep and breathe in between….

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