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Herbs and spices add so much more than flavor to our food

Herbs and spices. We have them. We use them. We have a cupboard full of them and we typically have no idea what to do with them. Even more so we have no idea that they’re incredibly good for us….


Winter spices for coffee drinkers

On the obsessed side of “self-proclaimed coffee addict,” I’m always on the look out for new concoctions, and dedicate an entire Pinterest board to my love of the warm, caffeine juice.  My favorite time of the year is when Starbucks…


Healthy eating can be flavorful with the right herbs and spices

Cooking with herbs and spices is sometimes considered to be extremely intimidating to many, especially when it comes to using (or growing!) fresh herbs instead of using the dried stuff. This needn’t be the case. The great thing about cooking…



Spice up your life: Why adding spices to your diet will benefit you

I have always heard how spicy food leads to ulcers, bad indigestion and obesity, but I’ve wondered if this was all true. So I decided to investigate, is spicy food really that terrible for us?  Does it really cause these…



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